Wednesday, February 18, 2015

US Combat CONTINUES in Afghanistan

Not too long ago, President Obama announced that the US combat mission in Afghanistan "has ended".  Like many of his utterances, this one also proved to be untrue.  It wasn't long after the announcement that the NYT reported this:  Obama had signed a secret order authorizing the remaining 10,800 troops to engage in combat.

Most recently, just the other day, the NYT also reported that combat night raids by US Special Forces had increased... now that the "combat mission in Afghanistan has ended".

Another lie from a Fed politician... go figure.

If there ever has been a President begging for impeachment, it is Barack Obama.  The man truly and literally is incredible.  Not only does he lie, but he violates the Constitution over and over.  [I've detailed such violations in several previous posts.]  Of course, he most likely won't be impeached because Republicans commit the same violations.  None of the DC politicians want a public discussion of why the President is not permitted to put this nation at war.  Only the Congress has the power to do that.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obama's Orwellian Use of Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance is the uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas in your mind simultaneously.  It causes people to change their beliefs or behaviors, or to somehow justify the contradictory order to achieve some peace of mind.  In crude, common parlance, it "fucks with your mind".  Obama appears to be a master of this technique.

His ideas and actions regarding the concept of Perpetual War are a prime example.  He says one thing, then does the opposite.  For instance, he claims that the Afghan War essentially is over... that our "combat mission" there is done, finished.  The facts are:  according to the NYT, Obama wrote a secret memo authorizing the remaining 10,800 U.S. troops to engage in combat.  The Afghan War is not over for us.

He supposedly ended the second Iraq War... but now we're back in Iraq with 2600 ground troops and war planes.  He makes a big deal out of the fact that the troops are trainers and advisors.  The number of them started out as 300; very quickly that became 1300.  Now it's 2600.  Is this a pattern?  He says they don't have a combat mission, but holding true to that will be almost impossible.

Obama's Drone Wars pretty much have institutionalized Perpetual War.  That's because "terrorists" will always exist, especially given that U.S. actions continually are creating them.  He claims that we must not accept the concept of Perpetual War, but his actions virtually guarantee that the highest levels of Gov't already have accepted it.  Regarding war, Noam Chomsky made this comment about Obama, "He's worse than Bush."... I agree.

His ideas and actions regarding the U.S. Constitution are another example.  He sometimes reluctantly points out that he's a Constitutional scholar; but anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the Constitution readily can see that he violates it more than Bush-Cheney did...and that's quite a feat.  Obama, like Dubya Bush (and others, including Bill Clinton), thinks that because he's Commander-in-Chief he can ignore Article I of the Supreme Law of the Land, especially Article I, Section 8.

Article I, Section 8 ENUMERATES the responsibilities of Congress, the duties of Congress.  Those responsibilities do not belong to the Executive or the Judiciary.  They include:  the power to put us at war; the power to issue assassination orders (Letters of Marque and Reprisal); the power to make rules concerning captures on land and water; and several others.

Even IF one accepts the unconstitutional premise that Congress does not have to "declare war" for us to be at war, that instead, Congress can issue a "Resolution" giving the Executive permission to go to war at some point in the future, at a time of his choosing... even IF all that, Obama still has violated the Law.  For his current ISIS War, he has been using a Congressional Resolution from the second Iraq War (over ten years ago).  Common sense should tell anyone that's ridiculous--- that was an entirely different situation from today.  That "Authorization" has expired.  The fact is:  he's currently at war without a Declaration of War OR a legitimate "Authorization" from Congress.  [Not only that, currently he's not asking Congress to issue an "Authorization"; instead, he's giving them one written by the White House.  That's not how it works---Congress is supposed to construct the document and determine the conditions.]  At the same time, he has planted the subtle idea in our minds that he's a Constitutional scholar.  If he is that, then he's ignoring Article I, Section 8 of that document... particularly, the war-making clause.  Just because other Presidents have done the same thing in the past does not excuse Obama one bit.

Barack Obama, more than any other President in my long memory, not only says one thing and does the opposite... but additionally, he does more to blatantly make it appear as if those actions are logical and not contradictory.  He's the unapologetic King of Cognitive Dissonance, hands down.  He beats out Dick Cheney... and that's quite an accomplishment.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

KUDOS to the New Leader of Greece!

Congratulations, Greece!  Your new leader is a guy who is telling the Neoliberals to go to hell.  Every country, including the USA, needs just such a person.

Via the IMF, and/or central banks, and/or other mega banks, Neoliberals at the highest levels (including the Democrats and Republicans here) through deceptive practices entice countries to take on massive debt.  Then, when the debt is unsustainable, these same mega banks and the IMF coerce countries to undergo austerity or in some cases sell off their public infrastructure to private, mega corporations.  It boils down to this:  Neoliberals save the mega banks, not the economy...Wall Street, not Main Street.  All for Globalization and privatization.  The ultimate Goal is the world as one giant Business...and none of it is a "conspiracy".  For the most part, it's in plain sight.

As David Rockefeller stated publicly in 1991:  "Surely it is preferable to have the world run by unelected elites than by the corrupt politicians of today."... that's pretty plain.  Despite that, Neoliberals often are deceptive.  For example, here in the USA they go by the labels of "Democrat", "Republican", "Liberal", and "Conservative".  They use Edward Bernays style Propaganda to dupe people into accepting things such as N.A.F.T.A., T.A.R.P., T.P.P., and T.A.F.T.A., all of which serve the Oligarchy, not Main Street.

The Neoliberal Congress and Fed Reserve in this country have given us an eighteen trillion dollar debt... and it's still growing.  There is however, no visible austerity here.  Instead, it's just under the facade of "the economy is recovering" Propaganda.  Here's how it's "recovering":
1.  with continued Financialization, which transfers wealth from the Middle Class to the Upper Crust;
2.  with continued sale of bizarre Financial Derivatives, which create no jobs;
3.  with continued debasement of the dollar;
4.  with a massive Trade Deficit;
5.  with continued off-shoring of factories and jobs;
6.  with the creation of lower-paying permanent jobs, temporary jobs, and part-time jobs;
7.  with continued deficit spending;
8.  with an estimated one quadrillion dollars of Financial Derivatives still out in the Market... many bubbles just waiting to burst;
9.  with QE-4 waiting in the wings;
10.  with Gov't promoting another housing bubble;
11.  with someone or some institution (or a combination) manipulating the crude oil market; and,
12.  with rolling back regulations on the mega banks that caused the 2008 Crisis.
This is not what I would call a recovery.

[NOTE:    The 2008 Crisis was not caused by sub-prime mortgages; they were simply the trigger.  The underlying cause was the fact that mega, Neoliberal banks sold trillions of dollars worth of essentially worthless Derivatives.  Many (or perhaps most) of them were credit default swaps which were supposed to "insure" investors against losses... but didn't.  The mega banks knew they couldn't possibly serve that function when they sold them to pension funds, cities, counties, countries, and other investors.  It was a massive fraud.  Under the Corporatist Obama here, almost no one has been held criminally liable.  Plus, things are now set up for the whole scam to happen again... I'm guessing within five years...easily.]

Neoliberals and Neoliberalism must be confronted and resisted.  In order to do that, we must stop drinking the Propaganda Kool Aid.  First Iceland, and now Greece are showing us the way.  Heartiest congratulations to both.  There is no reason whatsoever that Globalization must take the form that is espoused by Neoliberals.  There are other options.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Comic-Tragic SOTU Address and GOP Response

I find this very funny...and tragic... at the same time.
It's my critique of Obama's State of the Union Address and the response by Senator Ernst.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

Friday, January 9, 2015

Guantanamo, Exceptionalism, Neoliberals, and the Feds

In 1898, our Gov't stole Guantanamo at gunpoint.  That was during the time when "we" were "saving" various parts of the world from............................ Spain.  In 1903, Cuba essentially was forced (at gunpoint) to sign a perpetual lease, one of the terms being that our Gov't was to pay Cuba $2,000 a year... in gold.  I wonder if the USA held up that end of the bargain.  That also was during the time when Mark Twain became a founding member of the American Anti-Imperialist League.

The USA no longer engages in Imperialism.  Our Gov't (which hasn't represented We the People for quite some time) now engages in NeoImperialism.  That's so much better... one doesn't have to occupy a country in order to essentially control it.  Simply surround it with some of the almost 1,000 military bases the US has around the world.  The warships help, too.  Waging financial and economic war (or threatening to) is a big help as well.  Oh, and then there's the NSA spying...............on our allies.  None of them, of course, are permitted to spy on us; that's a crime.  When our Feds do it to others, that's okay.  [We the People did not delegate the power to the Fed Gov't to do any of that insanity.  The Constitution ENUMERATES all legitimate powers delegated to the Feds.  That document must be legally changed in order to add any new powers.  Interpreting it differently will not suffice.]

1898 was a banner year.  The Fed Gov't also "saved" Guam and the Philippines... and "annexed" Hawaii.  ["Annexed"--- that's Gov't-Speak for stole.]  When other countries do similar things, that's wrong... even a crime in many cases.  When the Fed Gov't does it, it's just, moral, ethical, and helpful.  That's because of American Exceptionalism---the concept that the USA is, you know, special (that's Gov't-Speak for "better").  "We" are exceptional because... well, just because.  [Usually promoters of American Exceptionalism say that it's because we have so many freedoms here (and value them so).  What they leave out is this:  those freedoms must conform to certain moral (not ethical) standards.  Other freedoms, even if they do NOT infringe on anyone's genuine rights or property, are not permitted.  So, for example, if one wishes to possess & imbibe a plant substance in the privacy of one's own home, behind locked doors, that is a crime.  There's nothing ethically wrong with it, but it doesn't meet certain moral standards.  Morality is subjective and varies from person to person and group to group.  Ethics are objective, carved in stone, and do not vary at all...ever.  Ethics are based on the science of Logic.  Doing the same with America's drug of choice (booze), of course, is okay, not a crime.  Hypocrisy abounds.]

Nowadays, and for some time, our Gov't is so special that it gets to be the World Police.  On what authority?  Well, you know.......................... none.  It's just that we're so exceptional.  That's it.  For example, when our Gov't kills children, that's NOT terrorism; when others kill children, it IS terrorism.  When our Gov't bombs civilians, that's NOT terrorism; when others do it, it IS terrorism.  Why?  Well, you know, our Fed Gov't is exceptional.  It does almost nothing wrong.  When it does do something wrong, it rarely holds anyone accountable for that wrongdoing... except for some low-level, unfortunate person.  As Obama recently said (paraphrased) in relation to the Senate torture report:  yes, some things were done wrong, but I prefer to move forward rather than dwell on the past.  It's a familiar refrain from those at the highest levels of our Outlaw Fed Gov't.

Don't misunderstand me.  I love this Land and its People.  At the same time, though, I pretty much dislike the highest levels of our Fed Gov't, the political Oligarchs.  Why?
1.  We no longer have a representative government in this country.  According to the respected, late historian, Carroll Quigley (Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown U.), we haven't had one since well before the 1960s.  The overwhelming majority of national political candidates are selected, groomed, and financed by the rich & powerful... and dance to their tune... at the expense of the rest of us.
2.  The Neoliberals (both Democrats and Republicans) at the highest levels have killed the Republic by trashing the Constitution of the United States.
3.  The Neoliberals (Democrats and Republicans) in Gov't, the Corporate Media, educational institutions, and mega corporations have been inundating this Land with Edward Bernays style Propaganda Kool Aid for decades.  The highest levels of the nonrepresentative Fed Gov't are the worst offenders in that regard.
4.  The Neoliberals (Democrats and Republicans) at the highest levels in the Fed Gov't are grossly hypocritical when it comes to spying (especially spying on allies), pre-emptive invasions, exposing wrongdoing (as in the cases of whistleblowers), complying with International Law (e.g., the Geneva Conventions), economic sanctions (sanctions are an act of war), etc., etc., ad nauseum.

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Not just my opinion.  Be Well

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Not long ago, the NYT Editorial Board came to the conclusion that Obama's ISIS War is unconstitutional. They are correct; there is no question whatsoever about that.  Violating the U.S. Constitution is an impeachable offense.  Unfortunately and most likely, impeachment will not happen.

Even though the Republicans now hold a majority in both Houses of Congress, they will not represent the People and pursue impeachment of Obama.  Why?  For a few reasons, not the least of which is that they too have been guilty of unconstitutional wars... and they want to retain for Presidents that illegal war-making power.  In other words, they won't rock the boat because they want all future Presidents to be able to go to war illegally.  That benefits their primary constituency--- the rich and powerful.

All of this demonstrates fairly clearly that, at the highest political levels, the old labels---Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal---essentially are meaningless.  The highest echelon in politics consists of Neoliberals.  The old, anachronistic labels now merely are Distract-Divide-Conquer Propaganda.  It continually amazes me that many people don't see that.

Although politically we're in a Rigged Game, I'm convinced that it's NOT a "conspiracy".  Neoliberals are all about global BIG Business.  They may have similar interests and mutual goals, and they may keep their plans private, but that doesn't mean the whole thing is any sort of conspiring.  It's no more a conspiracy than is that of AT&T attempting to maximize profits.  Besides, the whole Neoliberal agenda mostly is in plain sight.

As have many Republicans, Obama has violated the Supreme Law of the Land in other ways as well.  Most likely, he will not be impeached for those reasons either.  We the People are asleep at the political wheel; we need to wake up.  At the highest levels, the Neoliberals in the Fed Gov't are all on the same Team.  That's so obvious that it's downright painful.  Example:  both Obama AND McConnell are working fiercely to get the TPP implemented in this Land.  That Agreement primarily benefits the Oligarchy, not commoners.  The same is true of TAFTA... and most so-called Republicans and so-called Democrats support that as well.  For the low-down on the TPP, see this: .

Long story short, in the USA we have (at the highest levels) an outlaw Fed Government.  There is absolutely no question about that.  [Take it from someone who has been observing American politics keenly since 1956...well over half a century.]

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

Friday, December 26, 2014

High-Ranking Repubs & Dems: Keep Spitting on the Constitution

That way, soon it will be so soaked in sputum that you'll be able to tear it up and throw it away much more easily.  You've all been spitting on it for so many decades that most of you have a fairly good aim by now, so perhaps before long it simply will dissolve of its own accord... you won't even have to tear it up.  I can't find half of it already.  I think some of you in DC are cheating:  you're not just spitting on it, you're pissing on it as well.  What gets me is that some people, perhaps most, don't seem to notice.  Kudos to you high-ranking politicos on your excellent use of distracting Propaganda.


The Constitution is exceedingly CLEAR on the following points.

1.  As enumerated in Article I, Section 8:
    a.  only CONGRESS is charged with regulating the value of our money (no other entity has been delegated that power by We the People...furthermore, no law, such as the 1913 Fed Reserve Act, over-rides the Supreme Law of the Land);
    b.  only CONGRESS is charged with the power to put this Nation at war (being Commander-in-Chief of the Military does not mean that the President gets to ignore Article I... furthermore, no law, such as the War Powers Act, over-rides the Supreme Law of the Land);
    c.  only CONGRESS is charged with the power to issue assassination orders, otherwise known as Letters of Marque and Reprisal (that power was not delegated to the Executive Branch by We the People);
    d.  only CONGRESS is charged with the power to "make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water" (that power was not delegated to the Executive Branch by We the People)...who made the Rules for Gitmo, CIA Black Sites, and "enhanced interrogation"?...  not Congress;
    e.  the final clause of Article I, Section 8 does not mean that Congress gets to ignore the duties with which CONGRESS has been charged to perform.  In other words, Congress may not delegate its powers to some other Branch of Government... or any other entity.  Only We the People are allowed to delegate Constitutional Powers.  We did not delegate power to Congress to turn over the duty of regulating the value of our money to an un-elected group known as the Fed Reserve Board of Governors.  It's the duty of CONGRESS to regulate the value of our money... no one else may do it.  [The former Chairman of the Fed, Alan Greenspan, once stated on the PBS News Hour, "No one has control [or perhaps he said "power", not "control"] over us."... the problem with that should be obvious.]

2.  We the People are to be secure in our "persons, houses, papers, and EFFECTS" [emphasis added].  The so-called PATRIOT Act (like any other law) does not trump the Constitution.  Neither does any part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)... or any other law.  The Executive Branch acts as though those laws do trump the Constitution.

If you political Oligarchs don't like parts of the Supreme Law of the Land, you are charged by the People to try and change them.  That can be done legally only two ways:  by Amendment; or, by means of a Constitutional Convention.  No other methods are permitted; plus, you are not legally permitted to ignore those parts and then contravene them.  We did not delegate that power to you.  Finally, I don't want to hear any whining about how difficult it is to change the Constitution.  As you know, it purposely was constructed to be that way.  Live with it, or get out of politics.  As things are now, virtually all of you are violating your Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  If you can't obey your Oath, then get the hell out.  We don't want you.

Constraints of time and energy prohibit me from enumerating ALL of the ways in which you high-ranking Democrats AND Republicans have been spitting and pissing on the Constitution for decades.  [I've been a keen observer of American politics since 1956; 1956---that's not a typo.]  The few examples above should suffice to illustrate the point.  It's no wonder to me that politicians at the highest levels (especially in DC) have become despised by the People.  The effectiveness of the Distract-Divide-Conquer Propaganda constantly put out by the Oligarchy is beginning to fade.  People finally are stirring... so far, just a bit... but stirring.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well