Monday, June 27, 2016

Here's Why Many People Don't Seem to Get It

Below is an email I just now sent to family and friends.  It has been edited a tiny bit.

Here's why many Americans seemingly don't grasp the dire economic straits that exist today...not only here, but worldwide.  This piece really nails it.  In the 1st half, the concept of "averages" and the "hollowing out" of the Middle Class; in the 2nd half (starting about 13:00), how the System is "liquidating" all the gains since WW II, why mathematicians would laugh some economists right out of the room, and the fact that the Bond Market is much more important than the Stock Market.

The obvious is stated clearly, & the style, facts, and pace produce many huge laughs...the situation is both comical & tragic.  For those who don't know, Max Keiser was a stock broker for many years before becoming a pundit.  He's a strong Capitalist, but abhors Crony Capitalism and Neoliberalism.  [The latter two are plundering the world, & it's right in plain sight.  Most high-level politicians in America & much of the developed world are Crony Capitalists & Neoliberals.  Their overall records leave no doubt of that.] 

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT is a Go!

Here's a copy of an email I sent my son today---
I'll bet the European Oligarchs are pissed!  It's a setback for those Super-Rich who want to convert the entire world into one big, seamless Business Zone completely run by private institutions.
Sorry, but your 401K most likely is taking a hit.  The Dow Jones is down over 600 pts.  This might be the event that crashes the Stock Market...just the Stock Market, not the entire economy...not yet.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hey, National Politicians - One More Time

1.  Even the New York Times Editorial Board has stated (paraphrased):  the ISIS-Syria-Iraq War that Obama is waging is unconstitutional.  That's because it's illegal under our system of government.  It's not even properly authorized under the War Powers Act.  You high-level DC politicians keep claiming you're all for the Rule of Law.  Talk is cheap...prove it.

2.  A retired combat veteran and Professor Emeritus of History at Boston University, Colonel Andrew Bacevich, has stated:  "America's war for the greater Middle East cannot be won.".  Using Iraq as an example, for a quarter century we've been hearing the following from three different Presidents:  "We shall prevail.".  Isn't it obvious by now--- this is nothing but Perpetual War for the benefit of a few, and we are not going to prevail.  Who benefits?  Follow the money.  You politicians are serving your primary constituency--- the Super-Rich Oligarchs, the Mega Bankers, the War contractors (facetiously referred to as Defense contractors), and a few others who profit from constant war.  This is so glaringly obvious that it's painful.  Yes, we all know:  "It's complicated."...nevertheless, it's still obvious.  You are not serving We the People.

3.  The U.S. economy is not "recovering"; neither is that of the world in general.  We still are in a Recession, and it's worsening every day; furthermore, we're only a hair's breadth away from a full-blown Depression.  Stop your lying, half-truths, and Propaganda.  We know better than to believe any of it...that's because we live in the world, not in an Ivory Tower.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Friday, June 10, 2016

Non-Democratic Democratic Party Elections and Republican Losers

Here's some food for thought regarding the 2016 elections.

1.  As of the morning of June 10 (Friday), at least two million votes had not yet been counted in Tuesday's California Primary Election.  Hillary Clinton "won" that election by about 440,000 votes... that is to say, she "won" it without at least 2,000,000 votes being counted.  Do the math.  How do we know she won... maybe, maybe not.  Even though she's way ahead in the total delegate count, this situation matters because declaring her the winner prematurely adds to her campaign's momentum... perhaps falsely.  It also may influence Superdelegates to the detriment of the Sanders campaign.  Finally, it simply shouldn't happen... the election/vote count is not over.  Is this democracy in action?  No, this is closer to Fascism in action.

2.  All over the country, people have participated in Primary Elections, casting their votes for the candidates of their choice.  In reality, they are electing pledged delegates to a political convention.  And yet, when that convention (for the Democrats) takes place relatively soon, 15% of the participating delegates will be unelected; they are the Superdelegates, the Party Elites.  They had nothing whatsoever to do with the Primary Election process.  No citizen voted for them in the Primaries.  They will pledge to a particular candidate for other, essentially unknown reasons.  Fifteen percent may sound small, but it's a significant number.  Is this democracy in action?  I think not.  Instead, this is a goofy, non-democratic process concocted by the Democrats after the McGovern loss back in the early 1970's.  The People chose McGovern as their candidate, he lost BIG-TIME, and the Dem Party hierarchy vowed that type of thing would never happen again.  [In other words, they decided that the ignorant public cannot be trusted to solely select the candidate; they need help from the experts in these matters:]  That's how Democrats wound up with 15% unelected delegates.

3.  Add to the above the fact that there have been irregularities in the Democratic Party Primaries in several other States... Iowa, New York, New Hampshire... just to name a few.  Add to that the very odd decision of the Democratic Party hierarchy to have very few debates and to drastically cut the number of participants in those debates early on in the process.  Finally, there are the decisions of the Corporate Media to give the Sanders campaign the smallest amount of coverage of any major candidate... by a large margin.  This despite the fact that he generated massive rallies and interest.  It should be obvious that something fishy is going on here.  [Attention "Conservatives":  so much for the "Liberal Media" (who is more "Liberal" than Sanders?); they are Neoliberal, and those two categories are polar opposites.  Wake up.]

4.  As to the Republicans, it's fairly clear that the Republican Party hierarchy wants to lose the election in November.  I've been following national elections in this great Land very closely ever since 1956.  In all that time, there has never been a Primary season more mishandled by a specific Party than this one by the Repubs.  The Democrats and McGovern came close, but this year & the Repubs get the cigar.

5.  The moneyed interests want Hillary, and barring unforeseen events, that's who they're going to get.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Obama's Now a Millionaire

Most of this is from a CBS News piece by Mark Knoller.

According to his latest Financial Disclosure Report, President Obama now has assets worth between one million and five million dollars.  Comparatively speaking, his liabilities are a pittance.  Since first running for office, his net worth has increased by 438%.  [No wonder he thinks the economy is doing okay:]  This is all before what is likely to be a lucrative book deal after his Presidency.

I'm certainly not against anyone becoming a millionaire...unless that happens while they are in high political office.  Hello.

This is why politicians run for high office in the USA...unless they're already rich, in which case it's anybody's guess as to why they run.  Perhaps their motives are noble, or perhaps they have a shadow agenda.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Trump, the Judge, La Raza, and the Presidency

Again, I emphasize that I'm not a supporter of Clinton, Sanders, or Trump.

Below is a copy of my response to an email from a dear friend; embedded in her email was an article about Trump, Judge Curiel, and the militant protest group, La Raza.  Apparently the Judge has some tenuous association with La Raza...although, that's not quite clear at all.
Here's what I think:  Trump's comment about the Judge was NOT racist.  Given the Don's stupid remarks about Mexicans, that comment about the Judge was common sense...something Trump rarely ever displays.  Although, he should have said,  "The Judge MIGHT be biased..."; he did say that about a hypothetical Muslim Judge, but I'm pretty sure he made it definite with the other guy.

RE:  La Raza wants "U.S. land ceded to Mexico".  True, but that's because IT WAS MEXICAN LAND decades before the U.S. Gov't stole it from Mexico in the mid-1800's.  Before it was Mexico's, it belonged to Spain.  [Of course, none of this considers the original holders of the land, the American Indians.]  The U.S. Gov't is a latecomer in this line of theft.  So your attached article would be more accurate if it read, "La Raza wants U.S. land ceded BACK to Mexico."  I'm not saying that should be done, but that's why La Raza is "racist" (according to the article) & wants the entire SW back in the hands of Mexico.  We took HALF their country in 1848...half.  So, why would anyone be puzzled over the fact that some Mexican militants want it back?!

The whole Judge thing demonstrates one reason why Trump should never be President.  Almost no one gives a damn about the Trump University issue, or the Judge, or anything about the case.  But Trump keeps harping on it.  The Media didn't bring it up first...he did.  He has little sense of what's important & what's not.

What's even worse, you rarely ever know if he's telling the truth (or what he really believes) or not.  For example, one day he said,  "Wages here are too high; we need to lower wages in this country."...the next day (probably after his campaign manager told him that was a stupid thing to say), he said, "No, we don't need to lower wages in this country.", who knows what he believes.

It's sad to me to see so-called "Conservatives" flocking to someone like Trump.  They should have flocked to Rand Paul, but you see, Paul believes in national defense... not national aggression overseas.  Many "Conservatives" are so propagandized nowadays they actually believe that we have to attack everyone FIRST.  That's called naked aggression.  Every dictatorship in history that has done it had the same excuse:  "We're defending our Homeland.".

Donald Trump appears to be purposely saying everything he can think of to guarantee his defeat in November.  His fans think that will get him elected...that's because they believe their numbers are much greater than what they really are:  about 20% of eligible voters.  The Don fans also believe that Independents will join their ranks in massive numbers.  Given Trump's stupid/naive/ridiculous comments on many different topics, they won't.  If they don't like Clinton (& they shouldn't), they simply won't vote...or they'll vote for a 3rd Party.

It truly would be a miracle if Trump were to win in November.  He has about one chance in a trillion.  His supporters don't appear to get it:  who gets elected at the national level is not determined anymore by voting... not really.  [Most on the Left don't get that, either.]  There are about a dozen ways that the State-Corporate-Financial Complex can derail the will of the People least a dozen.  Barring unforeseen circumstances, the multi-millionaire Corporatist Clinton will win the November election.  That's pretty much guaranteed.  [The Democratic Party now consists of people (at the highest levels) who in the past would have been called Moderate (or even "Neoliberal") Republicans.  Despite Propaganda to the contrary from some quarters, the political hierarchy in the USA---ever since the early 1990's---has moved way over to the Right on the old, now essentially meaningless political spectrum.]
Not only my opinion.  Be Well 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Addendum to: "Corporatism Wins Again..."

According to the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street as a whole has raised $23 million for Hillary Clinton's campaign thus far.  I ask you, why would the Financial Sector do that for a supposed Populist?  [Likely answer:  because she's not any kind of Populist.]