Saturday, July 26, 2014

Evidence of Oligarchy

At various times throughout the history of the USA, the following men made the following statement (paraphrased) regarding U.S. citizens:
"The ignorant public must not be allowed to truly participate in Government.".
~  James Madison, one of our Founders
~  Walter Lippman, a so-called "Liberal" and known as the Dean of American Journalism
~  Edward Bernays, the author of Propaganda: Molding the Public Mind (1928) and generally recognized as the Founder of the Public Relations industry

Carroll Quigley, a well respected Professor at Georgetown U. and Bill Clinton's mentor, wrote this in 1966:
"The tragedy is that we no longer have a representative government in this country; the hope is that the little people will come to accept that... because there is nothing they can do about it."
From Tragedy and Hope (1966) by Quigley
Professor Quigley considered himself one of the Oligarchs, thus he referred to the rest of us as the "little people".  He had been given unfettered access to the papers of various Institutions and members of the "ruling class" for the purpose of writing his book.  In addition to the above, he claimed that the Council on Foreign Relations (the CFR) was a front for the J.P. Morgan [Chase] Company.  In other words, a mega bank was highly influential in the determination of U.S. Foreign Policy.  Keep in mind that Quigley was not some conspiracy theory nutcake; he was a very well respected historian.  Toward the end of his life, he came to believe that this particular book of his was being suppressed in the United States; however, he never claimed that was any kind of conspiracy.  One thing was clear:  various Oligarchs were not happy with Tragedy and Hope.  It was too revealing.

Alberto Gonzales, the former Bush Attorney General of the U.S., not long ago testified before a Congressional Hearing that "The Constitution does not grant us the Right of Habeas Corpus; therefore, the Gov't doesn't necessarily have to observe it."  [The U.S. Constitution DOES NOT GRANT us any Rights whatsoever; instead, it protects the Natural Rights we acquire at birth.  Governments cannot grant Rights, only privileges.  Natural Rights are held by people completely independent of any government.  That is a very well established principle dating at least as far back as the Magna Carta.]

Not long after the Gulf Oil Disaster of fairly recent history, the International Head of BP Oil (can't remember his name) stated in a news interview:  "I can understand how the small people [the Gulf residents] would feel that way."  That was in response to a newsperson stating that the people along the Gulf coast felt that BP was not doing enough regarding the spill.  I clearly recall the guy making that statement on TV; I was truly astounded.  His condescension was palpable.

Those are but a very few snippets of evidence (or at the very least, powerful suggestions) that this country is subject to the rule of Oligarchs.  I believe the same applies to most other countries in the world as well.  I suspect that many people don't believe it's true because they keep drinking the Propaganda Kool Aid.  Part of that Kool Aid is the misinformation that the whole business is just another "conspiracy theory".  I again emphasize:  it's not a conspiracy.  It's in plain sight for the most part.  It's more along the lines of super-rich people having similar interests and objectives (power & money), working sometimes independently of each other and sometimes cooperatively to reach mutual goals.  Simply because they don't go out of their way to reveal their methods does not mean that the whole thing is some sort of conspiracy.  The phrase "conspiracy theory" is used by Oligarchs and their dupes to squash serious discussion of controversial subjects.  More often than not, it works well.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rules from and for the Oligarchy

By the "Oligarchy", I'm referring of course to those at the highest levels in politics, Big Business, and the Intelligentsia...the ones who "run the country".  They are both Democrats and Republicans, but those labels are not in any way important to them.  Their guideposts primarily are power and money.  They're not in any kind of conspiracy, but they do enjoy great solidarity.

Here, then, are their rules for success...the rules by which they live, thrive, and rule others.

1.  Utilize Edward Bernays style Propaganda at every its maximum effect.

2.  Select, groom, and finance the slickest liars and most unethical people possible for national political office.

3.  Wrap yourself in the American Flag at every opportunity.

4.  Strive to keep the country perpetually at war.  It's great for Big Business and the best way to control the public mind.  It also gives us every opportunity to "colonize" geostrategic areas without appearing imperialistic; that way we can assure American Primacy.  We're just defending our country.  If one person is killed, it's murder; but if 100,000 are killed, it's Foreign Policy and/or protecting our Homeland.

5.  Tell the Little People whatever it is they want to hear at crucial times.

6.  Continue the myth that Republicans and Democrats at the highest levels have substantially different views.  It's the best way to Divide and Conquer.  Pretend to squabble with your supposed political opposition.

7.  At all costs, never prosecute in court any mega bank CEO who has been complicit in swindling people.  Don't bite the hand that feeds you.  Instead, levy a large fine against the bank for "misleading investors".

8.  Distract the public with minor political issues and various circuses.

9.  Allow people to peacefully protest, but only in limited, designated areas.

10.  When caught in wrongdoing, criminalize the whistleblower.

11.  Make certain that the mainstream, corporate media keep serving up pablum to the public... either that or controversy over nothing of any significant consequence.

12.  Continue the myth that the People live in a participatory democracy.

13.  At all costs, support and promote the WTO and Free Trade Agreements, the Neoliberal policy of deregulation of the worldwide Financial Sector, and the myth that we're aiding poor countries by forcing them to privatize gov't services.  In other words, continue the myth that Globalization is good for the common people and the economy.

14.  Avoid conflict with the U.S. Constitution simply by ignoring the document.

15.  Continue the myth that the President of the U.S. legally (and essentially) can create Law by the use of Executive Orders.  If questioned about that, respond by saying that the Constitution "implies" it.

16.  Oppose, denigrate, and when possible, eliminate all labor unions.  Substitute biased "mandatory arbitration" in their place.  This is the best way to keep the Little People workers in check.

17.  Keep the public in fear.

18.  Continue the lie that National Security trumps everything... including common decency, the Law, the Constitution, ethics, and morality.

19.  Continue the War on Drugs.  It's almost as good as actual war in relation to controlling the populace.

20.  Act as though you favor egalitarian issues; in other words, lie.

Do you recognize any of this?  There is a better way.  The second step toward that is to organize.  The first step I've stated over and over:  we must stop drinking the Propaganda Kool Aid.

Be Well

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Institutionalists vs. the Insurrectionists, RE: Edward Snowden

Both John Kerry and Hillary Clinton have suggested that Edward Snowden should return to the U.S. and face trial.  That brings to mind the current, worldwide philosophical (and practical) clash between the Institutionalists and the Insurrectionists.  Institutions, or the Establishment in general, ostensibly exist to serve the People in various ways; that's their purpose.  The Oligarchs who run Institutions often sincerely believe in the goodness of that function... until the Institution is exposed in some wrongdoing or another... until the end supposedly justifies foul means.  Then everything changes.  The Oligarchs hunker down and do everything possible (legal or not) to protect the Institution; to hell with the People, or Justice, or due process.

I would think that most people know that if Snowden did return, he never would receive a fair and just trial.  Here's why---

1.  In all likelihood, he would be held incommunicado.
2.  Evidence would be suppressed.  The Gov't would claim "State Secrets", "National Security", "Executive Privilege", etc., ad nauseum.
3.  The Judge, or perhaps Tribunal, would allow nothing to surface that didn't relate to the 1917 Espionage Act.  In other words, the Govt's many, many, many wrongdoings and violations of the Constitution would be deemed "not pertinent to this case" or "not relevant".
4.  Jury nullification would not be allowed.

The tragic irony in the Snowden affair is that Obama, when first running for President, publicly claimed that his Administration would protect whistleblowers... that they were good for government.  As soon as he was elected, he continued the case against Tom Drake (an NSA whistleblower)... a case first brought to trial by Alberto Gonzales under Dubya Bush.  As the Australian socialist, journalist, and documentarian John Pilger once stated, "Brand Obama...and it's all fake.".

I'm fairly sure that Oligarchies around the world are beginning to worry because nonviolent Insurrectionists courageously are exposing the gross wrongdoings of various Institutions.  Just as importantly, the People no longer are buying the Propaganda put out against patriotic, peaceful whistleblowers.  Notice, however, that those at the highest levels in any Oligarchy continue on no matter how illegal, unjust, and unethical their exposed actions are shown to be.  They accuse the whistleblower or journalist of being a criminal, and then claim that the Institution will "reform" its wrongful ways.  Distract, distract, distract.  All of that means it will take a long, sustained effort to really reform any corrupt Establishment.

Kudos to Daniel Ellsberg, John Perkins, John Pilger, Matt Taibbi, Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Julian Assange, Sarah Harrison, Edward Snowden, Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, Tom Drake, and many, many others for the great personal costs they have paid in order to help bring Outlaw Gov'ts into the light.  Exposing rogue Institutions is a very risky business.  Very little is more patriotic.  We the People should support the peaceful Insurrectionists to the hilt.

Be Well

Thursday, July 3, 2014


is known as "the graveyard of empires".  We've been there for something like thirteen years.  The country is the world's largest opium producer, the apparently corrupt Karzai Gov't no longer wants us there, the Taliban are not a threat to the USA, we've more or less decimated their country, a lot of the infrastructure we've built there already has fallen apart, our troops have been killed & maimed, billions of our dollars simply have evaporated, and Al Qaida long ago moved on to Yemen and elsewhere.  The fact that we're still there is just plain asinine.  Never mind the fact that it's an unconstitutional use of the U.S. Military.

Our Fed Gov't has been rotting from within for decades.  Meanwhile, We the People are Distracted by Propaganda & Circuses, Divided by Fraudulent Political Parties, and Conquered by the Super-Rich.

Enjoy the upcoming Fourth of July.

Be Well

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ignorance Abides

I posted the following on the online Corporate Media outlet,
 CBS News, for 6-30-14---
RE:  More troops to Iraq (again)---
"Goooood morning, Vietnammmmm!"
Here's a thought---  Close the world's largest U.S. Embassy
 (that has thousands of U.S. citizens running it), get out of
Iraq, and let them settle their CIVIL WAR by themselves.
 Oh, that's right, too much common sense in that proposal.
[p.s.  About 5,000 people are on the U.S. Embassy Staff in Baghdad.  That's not an embassy; it's a small town.]
There's a huge difference between Isolationism and Non-interventionism.
I wonder, is it ignorance on the part of the Fed Gov't... or something more nefarious?
Be Well

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lessons for Clinton, Bush, and Obama

1.  Exactly where in the Constitution (C.) does it give the 
Feds the power to use our military as the world's police 
force?  The War Powers Act does not supercede the C., 
nor does any other law.  The phrase, "Commander-in-
Chief" does not negate the rest of the C.  Using our blood 
& treasure to quell insurrections around the world may 
be commonly accepted in this country, but it's blatantly unconstitutional.

2.  RE:  the Justice Dept. memo authorizing the killing of 
an American citizen without a formal charge or a trial---  
The Constitution does permit "Letters of Marque and 
Reprisal" (assassination orders) against enemies, BUT 
There are good reasons for that, but that's another story.

3.  Fed Law and Judges often are used to subvert/pervert 
the Fed Justice System.  For a case in point, see the 
excellent documentary Bidder 70, the story of Tim DeChristopher's 
battle over an oil & gas leasing auction.  In the court trial, 
the Judge instructed the jury that they were not to judge 
the law...he would explain the law to them.  (All judges say 
that.)  Here's a quote from John Jay, the very first Chief 
Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court:  "The jury has the right 
to judge both the law and the facts in controversy.".  From
 Samuel Chase, Supreme Court Justice:  "The jury has the 
right to determine both the law and the facts.".  From 
Harlan F. Stone, the 12th Chief Justice of the Supreme 
Court:  "The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause
 which is to be decided.".  There are many others of a similar
 nature.  The last civilian bastion of freedom in this country is 
the right of a jury to nullify a bad law, but judges usually 
that jury nullification is illegal.  Let's not forget that we once 
had the following laws in this land:  The Fugitive Slave Act, 
The Indian Removal Act, and the Chinese Exclusion Act.

4.  Supporting the dictatorship in Egypt is as wrong as wrong 
can be.  That regime has demonstrated over and over that it 
does not believe in freedom.

5.  The Office of President has been converted, especially by
 Clinton, both Bush Boys, and Obama, into a virtual Kingship.  
The Head of our Gov't (whoever it is) now thinks that the
 Presidency is superior to Congress and the Courts.  In actual 
fact, it is co-equal.  Unfortunately, recent Presidents have by-
passed the other two branches with impunity.  [One 
Even though Congress was not in favor of it, Clinton sent 
Bosnia.  Another example:  in 1993, he gave Mexico $20
billion to bail out Wall Street banks... without the 
approval of Congress.]

6.  Iraq, again?  Don't we ever learn?  No matter what is 
as soon as we leave (again), the civil war will continue.  How 
many years have we "aided" the Iraq Gov't?  How many 
years have we "trained" the Iraq security forces?  How 
  I'm sorry, but enough is enough.  It should be obvious that 
there's another agenda going on.  I leave it to you to figure it 
Ours is a Gov't of "Enumerated Powers" [Google it]; if the 
power isn't listed, the Feds don't have it.  Furthermore, the
 Constitution does not "imply".  The 
Executive Branch is out-of-control...especially because of 
Clinton, Bush, and Obama, with their despotic concept of 
the "Unitary Executive".  The "updating" of the Constitution 
must be done by the formal Amendment process or the 
holding of a Constitutional other way is legal.
If we're going to ignore the U.S. Constitution because the 
document is not convenient, then I suggest we just throw 
it out.  Ignoring it, as has been done for decades, has the
 same effect.
p.s.  I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, nor a so-called 
"Liberal" or so-called "Conservative".  Those outdated 
labels essentially are meaningless in this time of the 

Be Well

Friday, June 20, 2014

Part III: The Bush-Obama Doctrines

1.  Give countries that in any way support fanatical Islamists a hard time... unless, of course, that country is Saudi Arabia.  The Wahhabi Sect, a radical offshoot of the Sunnis, is a State-sponsored religion in the Saudi Kingdom.  The majority of the 9-11 hijackers were from the Kingdom.  Osama bin Laden was a Saudi.  There are numerous other suggestions (not proof) that the soft dictators in Saudi Arabia don't really oppose fanatical Islamists.  The House of Saud has been bound to the House of Bush in a business sense for years and years.  When Obama met the "King" of the Kingdom, he bowed deeply to him.  Such deference coming from a President is a bit much... not especially significant, but still, a bit much.  Obama, like Bush and every other President in my long memory, ignores the downside of Saudi Arabia--- for one, the fact that it's a dictatorship... for another, the fact that it supports what is essentially a fanatical cult.  Wahhabis have zero tolerance for Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Shiite Islam, even some Sunnis, and democracy.  [A couple of Arab political analysts have proposed that what's currently going on in Iraq is a proxy war between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran.]

2.  Continue the over-half-century, outdated, vindictive U.S. Policy toward Cuba... a land where, about a hundred years ago or more, our Fed Gov't stole at gunpoint Guantanamo Bay; a land where our Fed Gov't supported the brutal dictator Batista; a land where for years & years, the CIA tried to assassinate Castro; a land where for years and years, our Govt's NeoImperialism reigned supreme.  Yes, the Castro Gov't once was a threat to us; no reasonable person thinks that now.

3.  Continue the policy of letting the Fed Reserve Board of Governors arbitrarily set interest rates... rates that should be determined by a Free Market.  The only people being served well by the Fed are the Hedge Funds and other speculators on Wall Street.  The Middle Class suffers... and those at the very bottom of the economic ladder are completely screwed.

4.  Similar to number 3, continue the policy of unsound money.

5.  Continue to allow mega banks to use depositors' money for risky, often shady so-called "investments"... instead of requiring them to raise their own capital for such activity.

6.  Continue on with the antiquated, underfunded, understaffed SEC, which cannot possibly oversee the automated, algorithm-driven, split-second, computerized Wall Street "trading" of today.

7.  Continue to promote and support the window-dressing "reform" laws relative to the out-of-control Financial Sector.  That will assure large, future campaign contributions from white-collar thieves.

8.  Continue the myth that the President can write "Executive Orders" on just about any subject he/she pleases... and that such actions are "implied" by the Constitution and have the full force and effect of Congressional Legislation, even if Congress opposes those "Orders".  That is complete nonsense and utter claptrap.  There is no such implication in the Constitution.  Again, We the People are being played for chumps. [To see exactly which Orders are permitted, go to Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution.  Only two are enumerated... no others are listed, or implied.  The first is that the President may require in writing the opinion of each Executive Department Head on any subject relating to their duties.  The second is that the President may order pardons for offenses against the U.S. (except in cases of Impeachment).  The Constitution enumerates powers, it does not imply them.  If the power isn't listed, the Feds don't have it.  To get a new, unlisted power, they must Amend the Supreme Law of the Land.  To believe that the document implies this, that, or the other is to accept the idea that it can mean pretty much anything that anyone wants it to mean.  That makes it worthless.]

The point of this three-piece series on the Bush-Obama Doctrines is simple:  when it comes to significant and substantial matters, there is little to no difference between (at the highest levels) modern-day Republicans and Democrats.  They're merely two branches of the same (and only) major political Party in the USA.  Furthermore, it's obvious that they no longer serve the best interests of We the People.  "Voting" doesn't necessarily guarantee a representative government, especially when 99.9% of all candidates at the national level are selected, groomed, and financed by an Oligarchy of the super-rich... while the very few honest politicians are completely ignored, or smeared, or otherwise marginalized.  There is a better way, but first we must stop drinking the Edward Bernays style Propaganda Kool Aid.  That's essential if we are to generate a fair, just, prosperous, and free society.

Be Well