Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The American Empire and the Democrat Hawks

Yes, the Republicans (in general) are Hawks, too; but this is about the Democrats.

See the last featured piece on the news broadcast of DemocracyNow.org for May 3, 2016.  The title is something like, "Clinton is a Legendary Hawk"; the interview is with Jeremy Scahill (NYT best-selling author) & Glenn Greenwald (Pulitzer Prize in journalism), both co-founders of TheIntercept.com.  They discuss the foreign policy Hawks, Obama, Clinton, & Sanders...and the Democratic Party Establishment that supports a militaristic foreign policy.

Misinformation & outright Propaganda have resulted in much public support for a militarized U.S. foreign policy that is not only unAmerican, but unethical, immoral, & illegal as well.  Never mind that the Corporatist, Crony Capitalist, Super-Rich are the primary beneficiaries.  

The lesser of two evils is still evil.  The game is rigged...don't play.  Boycott all national elections...it doesn't much matter who is in high office.  [If you absolutely can't give up the opium of the masses (voting), then at least vote for a worthy Third Party candidate.]

The probability is very high that sometime (no one knows when) after the election, one of two things---or both---will happen:  an Economic/Financial Crash and/or a major War.  [Of course, they possibly could happen before the election, but I doubt it.]

The "international financial coterie", to which Professor Carroll Quigley (Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown U.) referred, will oversee the aftermath...elected U.S. politicians will not.  [It's not a "conspiracy"; it's simply political reality.]

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Dollar's Days are Numbered - the Crash, Central Banks, Fiat Currency, & Gold

I'm not an economist, monetary theorist, or anything of the sort; however, I can read and I have a fairly good grasp of Logic.  Consider the following.

1.  The Dollar has been described as the best of the worst houses in a really bad neighborhood.  To one degree or another, all fiat currencies in the world are in deep trouble.  The great, decades-long Fiat Currency Experiment is on the brink of going down in flames.

2.  Supposedly, the USA (& thus the world) ended being on the Gold Standard in 1971.  If that's completely true, why are Central Bankers (except for Canada) so concerned about gold...and especially, the price of gold?  Why is China buying tons of gold per month?  Why are India, Russia, & every other country that can afford it adding to their stockpiles of gold?  Why is the Gov't of the USA keeping any gold at all?  [Especially given the tremendous public debt we've accumulated; it would appear that we have no intention of ever repaying the principal on that debt.]

3.  Deutsche Bank recently confessed to gold (& silver) price-fixing/rigging, and is informing on the other banks in the price-fixing/rigging cartel...including some Mega Banks on Wall Street.

4.  Prices of gold (& silver) have been illegally, artificially suppressed for years because the price of gold (in particular) is an indicator of the health of the Dollar...and of the health of any other fiat currency.  When the price of gold goes up, that means the Dollar has weakened.

5.  Gold is a store of wealth & confidence...confidence in the value of precious metals.  Fiat currency is a store of confidence only...confidence in paper and gov'ts.

6.  I don't recall the details, but just recently, China pegged the value of the Yuan to gold...some sort of benchmark.  It seems obvious that once China has accumulated a sufficient amount of gold, it's going to issue a Gold-Backed Currency...backed to one degree or another.  If and when that happens, that's the end of the Dollar as the world's reserve currency.  [Of course, that end can occur in other ways, as well.]

7.  Some people argue that a Gold Standard nowadays is not feasible because of the greatly expanded (compared to, say, 1930 or 1950) money supply versus a finite amount of gold in existence.  As the international economist, Jim Rickards, points out:  that's a fallacious argument because what matters is the price of gold, not the amount.  At $10,000 per ounce, no problem.  As the currency supply expands even more, the price of gold would go up even more.

8.  A new Gold Standard would put a clamp on unrestrained spending by gov'ts...that's why some Oligarchs and most of their minions in gov'ts everywhere are against returning to any kind of Gold Standard.  It appears that China soon may change all that.

9.  Countries already are dumping Dollars, but it's not much more than a trickle compared to what's likely coming.

10.  In addition to all the above, world debt is at $225 trillion...the highest it has ever been, the total value of bizarre financial derivatives out in the Market is now estimated to be about $1.5 quadrillion, Stock Markets are giant Bubbles, unemployment is soaring (our Gov't doesn't have a clue as to what the unemployment rate is...their markers for calculating that are grossly incomplete), the real estate market is a Bubble, manufacturing is declining fairly rapidly, part-time and temporary jobs are on the rise, the Dollar continues to be debased by the Fed, the economy is deflating, real wages either are stagnant or declining, the Middle Class continues to shrink, 51% of American households now earn only $30K or less per year, debt (both public & private) is crushing the Dollar and the economy, the incomes of the Super-Rich continue to increase, the world economy is stagnant, the People are pissed off, and Gov'ts continue to placate everyone with Edward Bernays style Propaganda...but that's not working very well anymore.

11.  To top it off, we're in the beginning stages of a worldwide Economic Crash.  Some analysts say it will be as bad as, or worse than, the 1930's Great Depression.

12.  And finally, several high-level politicians in several different countries appear to be attempting to provoke a major war...that includes some high-level politicians in the USA.  Historically, that's what the Powers-That-Be do when economies are failing and the monetary system is crashing.
The good news is that educated People everywhere are rising up peacefully and rejecting SSDD by protesting, boycotting, shunning, rejecting, and refusing to be silent.  The Propaganda Kool Aid is being thrown out.  The Sheeple have become the Lions. I suspect that Oligarchs everywhere are beginning to tremble.  All across the political spectrum, We the People (many of us, anyway) have had enough.  It's past time to peacefully dethrone the CRONY Capitalists, Globalization Gurus, and Financialization Elites.  It will be a long haul, but it's do-able.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nary a Peep From NBC News

First I watched the news coverage of Tuesday's NY Primary on Democracy Now!, probably the premier non-corporate media news source.  As reported by them--- 125,000 registered voters had been purged from the official voter lists in the Bronx alone.  No one yet knows why.  Those folks went to the polls and were told they couldn't vote.  On top of that, there was a degree of chaos at many voting sites in NY--- machines weren't working, the places opened late, and in some cases, people were told to go elsewhere.

Then I watched the Primary coverage on one of the Corporate Media news sites, NBC.  There was not a single word about the purging of voters or any of the other problems described above.  Nary a word.

In addition to all the above, we have the following.

1.  The 2007 black box voting documentary, Hacking Democracy, by HBO---  Query:  are Diebold machines still being used?  What safeguards have been instituted to protect against voting machines being hacked?  Any at all?

2.  Closed primaries---  I think about half the States have those.  That means Independents, who make up 42% of the USA electorate, must change their affiliation in order to vote.  This time around in NY State, they had to make the change in October of last year.  That's not right.  All registered voters should be able to vote in any damned primary they choose.

3.  Superdelegates---  The opposite of democracy in action...enough said.

4.  One candidate wins a primary by a HUGE margin, but the delegates are split evenly...sometimes.  Why?

5.  A monstrously inadequate number of polling places are found in many areas.  People have stood in line for 4-5 hours in order to vote.  That situation is asinine...something is fishy in officialdom.  Even if I weren't boycotting national elections, I wouldn't stand in line for more than 30 minutes.  Not too many years ago, the whole process took about 15 minutes.
That all reinforces my belief that the whole election process in this great Land is a Rigged Game.  As I said in a fairly recent previous post, you rarely ever win a rigged game.  Don't play.  [By the way, only 33% of eligible voters participated in the voting Tuesday in NYC.  Imagine the force of the message that would be sent to the Oligarchs if, on a national scale, that number was only two percent.  I suspect there would be many frantic meetings of the Super-Rich control freaks all over the country.  The Edward Bernays style Propaganda would have to be altered drastically.  I imagine commissions would be formed to look into "the problem", and reform might even happen.  In any case, Oligarchs might begin to wonder if their Power and Control are slipping.  Hey, it would be a start.  As things stand now, We the "Little People" are pretty much shafted.  SSDD.]

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Saturday, April 16, 2016

So Where's the Economic Crash?

It's unfolding before our eyes.  Despite the Dead Cat Bounce (a horrible term) after the disastrous dip in January, the Crash is proceeding...and worsening...and it's worldwide.  Below is a portion of a Reply I sent to my son, his family, and others regarding a piece he sent me from Greg Hunter's "USA Watchdog.com".  That clip had Ron Kirby of Kirby Analytics in his very latest guest appearance on "USA Watchdog".
The dollar reset could be right around the corner.  Especially telling was that series of meetings the Fed had, and the meetings with the Pres & VP with the Fed.  Add to that the admission of silver & gold price fixing by the Mega Banks, & the new China Gold Exchange, & the IMF SDR situation (especially involving China), & how the highest levels of our Fed Gov't are trying their damnedest to provoke a war, & how Obama has been working for almost 8 yrs having us construct tactical nuclear weapons (as opposed to strategic), & the fact that the Financial Stability Board of the G-20 approved Bail-Ins for 29 Mega Banks (worldwide), & the fact that the TPP will further deregulate the Financial Sector (both high-level Dems & Repubs support that Agreement), & the fact the War on Cash is accelerating, & the fact that the vast majority of the public appears to believe just about anything the Corporate Media tells them... with all that & more, we're ripe for a disaster.

Nevertheless, I still believe the Oligarchy somehow will pull off preventing it from happening until after the election.  As Kirby puts it, they've been holding together this criminal, fraudulent financial system with "...paper clips & bungee cords" [:)] for a long time.  Maybe they can do it a bit longer.

I see the Oligarchy in America as having 3 main options:
1.  Get us into a major, major war.  As Kirby accurately points out, historically that's what the Ruling Class does when the Financial System is in really deep trouble.  The Bush-Obama Perpetual War has not been enough...it's not big enough.  This, of course, is not a wise option, but that doesn't mean they won't do it.
2.  QE-4...print even more currency.  The Fed buying back the bonds being dumped by China & other Asian countries hasn't been enough.  The Fed might even send checks to individual households...to the People, not just make it available to Mega Banks.  [If that happens, buy every necessary household commodity you can get your hands on...because if that happens, the culmination of the Crash is imminent.]
3.  After the election, bite the bullet & gradually raise interest rates to where they should be.  This will burst the Asset Bubbles & put us into a deep Recession and/or Depression.
I'm sure there are more options, but I see the above as the main ones.

Unfortunately, nothing above will stop the worldwide economic mess from worsening.  We're in a global Economic Crash.  There's been nothing like this since the Great Depression, and prior to that, the Fall of the Roman Empire (which was largely economic).  What's sad is that so many Americans seem to be so tied up in the tribalism of the election cycle that they either don't see the Crash unfolding, or they don't think it's very serious.

I hope Kirby is wrong regarding his time frame, but what he said certainly is possible.

Love,  Dad    p.s.  Don't take on any major debt.  When all this stuff culminates, your income & purchasing power will go down...but debt payments won't.  That's how people in the 1930's were wiped out financially.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Friday, April 8, 2016

REDUX: "Hoaxes and/or Lies by the Oligarchs"

[The original post has been edited a tiny bit.]

Here are just a few crucial ones---

1.  The Income Tax

Disregarding earlier, temporary income taxes in the 1860's (to fund the Civil War), the Big Kahuna was the Revenue Act of 1913.  It passed into Law shortly after the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted.  [I won't get into arguments about whether or not the 16th was legitimately ratified.  That's a can of worms and could be argued until the End of Time...and is a waste of time.]  The purpose of the 16th Amendment apparently was to correct a glitch having to do with direct taxes and income from property & interest in the 1909 CORPORATE Income Tax law.

In passing the 1913 Revenue Act, the intent of Congress was to levy an income tax only on the very richest Americans.  [I forget the income threshold, but it was high.]   Only the top 2% of households were required to pay the tax; everyone else was exempt.  Furthermore, the tax was on income from property, rents, and interest, not wages.  [The top 2% had no wages.]  That was the original Income Tax Law.  Obviously, successive Congresses changed it...23 times if I recall correctly.  I sincerely doubt that We the People wanted all those changes...to the point where the IRS does what it does today.

The point is this:  I'm fairly certain that most Americans are largely unaware of the information above.  We've been sold a Bill of Goods relative to the history of the Income Tax Law.  The original intent of it never was to tax the wages of average Americans.  That was rammed through by the Oligarchy later.

According to Reagan's Grace Commission, 100% of your income tax dollars is used to pay the interest on the National Debt.  [97% of all money in circulation in the USA is debt.]  Gov't services are paid for by other taxes, fees, and more borrowing.

2.  The Cold War (1945-1989) Resulted in a Victory of Capitalism over Socialism

Not true, and here's why.  First of all, we had then and still have a Mixed Economy.  At best, it's Crony Capitalism, not Free Market Capitalism.  The only Capitalists in the Western World are SMALL business people.  Western societies, including the USA, have both a weak Welfare State AND strong socialism for the super-rich.  Corporate welfare abounds.  The State-Corporate Complex rules the day.  That is not Free Market Capitalism.  Secondly, when Lenin and his Gang seized power in Russia, socialistic institutions created during the 1917-1918 Revolution were eliminated.  Bolshevism morphed into Communism...which is a political system, not an economic system...and it's totalitarian.  Socialism is not a political system.  The Cold War resulted in the triumph of Democracy (of a sort) over Communism.

The point is this:  the Oligarchs in the Western World today continually claim that they are Free Market Capitalists and that the only other alternative is Socialism...which they claim was defeated by the Cold War.  None of that is a true picture of reality.  Crony Capitalists are not Free Market Capitalists; instead, they are married to the State.  Soviet Russia had a super-elite Class which practiced Totalitarianism...that's what was defeated by Democracy (of a sort) and a Mixed Economy.

Mega, transnational corporations and their propagandists falsely claim that they are Capitalists opposing Socialism.  What they really are (in general) is Fascists opposing the rest of us.  Both FDR and Mussolini defined Fascism as:  the marriage of the power of the State to the power of BIG Business.  That's pretty much what we have in almost the entire Western World today.  Even China now is more Fascist than Communist.  I don't remember any Communist countries ever having billionaire real estate moguls.  China does.

Don't buy into the Propaganda.  Despite their claims, the super-rich are not Free Market Capitalists and they're not opposing Socialism.  They are Neofascists and are opposing the rest of us.

3.  The Scam of Neoliberalism

In the USA, it dates back to at least the 1970's.  The overthrow (essentially by Nixon & Kissinger) of Allende and the installation of Pinochet in Chile on 9-11-73 (the other 9-11) was to be the first practical test of a portion of Neoliberalism.  What a disaster.  The implementation of this political and economic philosophy continues, but Oligarchs here have managed to keep it mostly in the shadows... until recently.  None of that is a conspiracy; to them, it's simply good business practice.  In general, most all Oligarchs today are Neoliberals.  Those at the highest levels are Democrats, or Republicans, or Liberals, or Conservatives in name only.  They don't care at all about those obsolete categories... except to use them as divisive propaganda.

Neoliberalism exploded in growth during the reigns of Reagan and Thatcher.  It continues today.  The goal is nothing short of domination of the worldwide economy and finance by super-rich elites and mega transnational corporations.  Its adherents agree with David Rockefeller, who stated publicly in 1991, "Surely it is preferable to have the world run by unelected elites than by the corrupt politicians of today.".  At least he got the "corrupt politicians" part correct.  He also thanked the Mainstream Press for keeping the Elites' work under wraps "for the past 40 years".  [You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.]

The irony of this is that it seems some, perhaps many, of these Elites actually are altruists.  I'm convinced that some of them really believe that the world would be better off if it were run by the unelected super-rich.
If all this seems convoluted, that's because it is.  It's so Orwellian that I'm afraid most people don't believe it.  Or, if they do believe it, they either don't grasp how it affects them directly or they think nothing can be done about it, or both.  And so it goes.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Financial Coup in the USA is Almost Complete

First, again I must state that this Coup is not any kind of massive, dark "conspiracy".  It's more like a bunch of greedy control freaks, a few of whom probably are well-meaning, working mostly independently toward a mutual goal---Global BIG Business as the governing force in the world.  Their tools are Edward Bernays style Propaganda, so-called "Free Trade" Agreements, and institutions such as the WTO, the IMF, the Bank of International Settlements (owned by national Central Banks), Central Banks, the G-20, the G-20's Financial Stability Board, numerous mega multi-national corporations, and the like.  Some of their members have referred to the rest of us as "the little people".  Such is their mindset.

Since the 1970's at the very least, this Juggernaut of Crony Capitalists has been shifting our economy from one of manufacturing to one of Financialization.  In that ongoing process, Middle Class jobs have evaporated, their replacements have been lower-paying & less secure, the incomes of the Super-Rich have increased exponentially, the dollar has been debased to an obscene degree, the Poor have become poorer, and our great Land has rushed at great speed toward NeoFeudalism.  The minions of the Crony Elites, the DC politicians (of both major Parties), have become millionaire "public servants".  A few exceptions to that do exist...but not enough.

These Crony Capitalist Elites make up what Bill Moyers and others refer to as the Shadow Government.  Their footprints are everywhere...all you have to do is look.  For example, CitiGroup (CitiBank) lobbyists wrote the draft of an Amendment to the last big DC spending bill that essentially rolled back some of the Dodd-Frank protections against the illegal & unethical practices of the Financial Sector.  The legislative banking "reforms" wound up being window-dressing...a joke.  Another example--- not long after the 2008 Financial Crisis, the Fed Reserve made available (in virtually zero-percent loans) to several mega banks the same total amount of money as was spent by the Fed Gov't from the Revolutionary War up to the 2008 Crisis.  Think about that for a moment...trillions of dollars.  One estimate is twelve trillion; another is $13.1 trillion.  Did those banks then use that money to make loans to small businesses, or help the economy in other ways?  Essentially, no.  Some of the windfall was loaned back to the Fed Gov't...the banks bought U.S. Treasuries (bonds) & are receiving at least quadruple the amount of interest that they are paying for the loans.  Some of the windfall was used to buy physical precious metals which now are stockpiled in mega bank vaults.  Some of the windfall was used to continue placing gambling bets on bizarre financial derivatives.  Some of the windfall was simply "banked".  None of the foregoing produced any jobs for the economy.

So now in 2016, we're basically in the same boat as we were in 2007.  The difference is that the Asset Bubbles and the Debt Bubble all are much larger than in 2007.  Plus, crude oil is tanking.  Plus, China is deflating.  Plus, the Fed Reserve essentially is out of ammo.  Plus, the Derivatives Bubble is estimated to be $1.5 quadrillion.  Plus, wages basically still are stagnant.  [51% of American working families make $30K per year or less.]  Plus, mega companies are buying back their own stock, thus posting phantom earnings in order to prop up their stock prices.  Plus, the real unemployment rate is estimated to be somewhere between 20% and 43%.  And on & on.

The goal seems to be to destroy our Financial System and our Economy...to be replaced by who knows what.  In the meantime, the Super-Rich are getting richer...and richer...and richer.  Almost nothing is "trickling down".  Also in the meantime, there's a War on Cash...a move to only digital "money".  If implemented, that will be the end of any semblance of privacy.  As to the U.S. Constitution, forget it... for the most part, it's long gone.  DC politicians violate it on an almost daily basis.

For ways to peacefully combat this entire obscenity, see a few of my previous posts.  More ways to come in the near future.  Forget voting at the national level...presently at least, that won't solve a damned thing.  The last forty years or so prove that; Democrats & Republicans have led us to where we are today.  They've both individually held the majority Power at different times.  SSDD.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Childish Tech Whiz Kids

Not all of them...I'm talking only about the ones who are immature and malicious.  Every so often, some dweeb manages to inject a piece of malware into my machine...because he/she has no life of any consequence (I'm guessing).  We've all had this happen to us.  Even with a firewall and various anti-viral gizmos, once in awhile something gets through.

It takes me awhile to stumble around and neutralize the infection, but so far, I've always been successful... and I'm essentially a No-Tech person.  I suppose perhaps we should pity these maladjusted, frustrated Techies who can't figure out how to have a meaningful life, so instead they act childish.  My point here is this:  if a No-Tech guy like me can get around their foolishness, apparently they aren't as smart & clever as they they think they are.  :)

My message to such people is:  why be so small-minded & petty; why not try injecting something really worthwhile into your lives?  Life can be a beautiful, exciting, meaningful adventure...no matter what place in which you find yourself.  It doesn't have to be empty and ugly.  It all depends on your mindset.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well