Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The End of American Hegemony is Now on the Horizon

It's difficult to predict whether that end still is a long way off or will happen somewhat quickly...too many variables.  Nevertheless, it is finally visible.  Despite what Oligarchs and those who are propagandized to the hilt may think, the approaching end of the USA's worldwide hegemony is a good thing.

A few years ago the results of either a Gallup or Pew Research Poll (can't recall which) indicated that 80% of the world believed the greatest threat to peace was the USA.  I suppose our Bully Boy, Reality Show, Tweety Bird, Ignoramus, Oval Office Occupier would call those results "fake news"; but then, everything he disagrees with is so named by him. 

China, the rest of Asia (including India), Russia, Iran, large parts of South America (especially Brazil), South Africa, and now even Saudi Arabia, are so fed up with our Govt's HEGEMONY that they are waging an unprecedented economic/financial war on the USA.  They have a good chance of winning it.  First came South America's rejection of our Govt's longstanding policy of Neocolonialism relative to them.  Next was BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, & S. Africa) and their financial revolt, and just recently, we have the PetroYuan...essentially backed by gold.  Finally, beaucoup countries are allowing escape from the "almighty" Dollar via cryptocurrencies.  Dollar-dumping is rife in many, many countries.

We live in interesting times--- we are witnessing the beginning of the end of American Hegemony... especially monetary/financial hegemony.  Our Gov't and its Mega Bank Cronies will do anything legal or illegal to prevent that end.  It all hearkens back to Manifest Destiny and the crimes committed under that "justification".  The main difference between then & now is that our Empire is no longer land-based.  It's now based on control via threats of force, both monetary/financial/economic force and military force.  Most of it is illegal, immoral, unethical, and unconstitutional.

Starting a war won't prevent the end of our hegemony; it only might postpone it.

The Constitutional Republic of the USA is now in name only.  These days, we live in a Fascist State.  According to both FDR & Mussolini, Fascism = the Power of the State married to the Power of BIG Business.  Undeniably, that's the U.S. Gov't both for quite a number of years and presently.

The days of genuine American Conservatism (a big part of which was non-interventionism abroad and non-speculative banking at home) AND genuine American Progressivism (a big part of which was a safety net for the most vulnerable and fairness for all) are mostly gone...long gone.

And so it goes.  
Not only my opinion.  Be Well