Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Sorry State of USA Politics

Consider the following brief points.

1.  The electorate (in both major Parties) are fed up with politics as usual... the Establishment Game, the Rigged Game.  That's a good thing.  But, the "popularity" of Trump is one result of that... seriously?  Donald Trump IS the Establishment.  To those of you on the political Right--- he's not a Conservative in any sense of the word; he's not even a sincere Republican.  He's a Corporatist.  Corporatists are beyond the old, anachronistic political labels.  Trump is so ignorant of Ethics & Morality that he would "bring back water-boarding, and a helluva lot worse".  [Water-boarding is not just getting someone's face wet; it's suffocation to the point just shy (hopefully) of death.  Too many believe that's not torture.]

2.  The millionaire Ted Cruz, also a Corporatist, sounds like a smooth-talking used car salesman.  He oozes insincerity and phoniness.  He also is not any kind of Conservative.  Like Trump, Cruz IS the Establishment.

3.  Jeb Bush left his service in Florida, became some sort of investment banker, and made millions.  As a politician, he's simply tiresome.  Like his brother Dubya, he's a believer in the NON-Conservative concept of preemptive war... which, by the way, is a violation of Ethics, Morality, and International Law.  Jeb is so desperate that he recently tweeted a photo of a handgun with his name on it... talk about pandering.

4.  I'll say this for Marco Rubio:  he's the only leading candidate who essentially & comparatively is financially broke.  Unfortunately, he's one of many who (from time to time) wears his religion on his sleeve... thus pandering to a certain segment of the Right.  Plus, like several others, he has many foreign policy beliefs that are decidedly NON-Conservative.  [Except for Rand Paul, no longer in the race, the Repub candidates all sound like warmongers... just like Obama, the Absolute King of the Drone Wars.]

5.  Hillary Clinton is a Corporatist posing as a Populist.  She sounds like a really slick, smooth-talking used car salesman... just as does her husband.

6.  Bernie Sanders appears to be genuine, but with politicians, one never knows until it's too late.  In my view, he should have run as an Independent.  He doesn't represent the Corporatist Democrat Party, and should he not get the nomination, he's done.  That would not be the case as an Independent.

7.  The debates this election season are pretty much asinine...completely ridiculous.  From the beginning to the present, debate moderators (most likely at the direction of someone else) obviously focus on certain candidates to the virtual exclusion of others.  Questions should be posed, and then EVERY candidate should be given equal time to respond.  We've seen very, very little of that.

8.  Something fishy is going on with the Democrats... that is, fishier than with the Repubs.  First, the Dems haven't had nearly enough debates; it's almost as though the Party purposely is avoiding debates.  Second, the number of debaters was reduced to three in nothing flat.  What the hell was that?

9.  The Repub debates have devolved to the point of resembling a bunch of spoiled, squabbling, name-calling children at some bizarre gathering.  Not enough discussion of genuine ISSUES, and way too much concentration on social Hot-Button issues... that is, when the candidates are not engaged in personal attacks.  It's almost as if the Party wants to guarantee that Repubs will lose in November.  Immature.

10.  Do a bit of research on unelected superdelegates relative to the nomination process.  They are Party Elites who have unwarranted power.  In NH, for example, Sanders more or less trounced Clinton... but the nomination delegates were split evenly between the two candidates.  That was reported by the Corporate Media, but they didn't explain why the split was even.  It was because the superdelegates favored the Corporatist, Clinton.  Decidedly UNDemocratic... in the Democrat Party.  What a farce.  Superdelegates are one way that the Establishment controls elections... the People be damned.
As stated several times in the past, I'm not a Repub or a Dem... haven't been for years.  Many moons ago, however, I was a Conservative.  In 1964, I was President of the Colorado State U. Chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)... worked my butt off for Barry Goldwater's election.  At that time, YAF was the most Conservative organization in America... much more so than the Young Republicans.  I mention this now because in this Blog (for 9 yrs) I've often commented on "Conservatives" and/or "Conservatism"... as in this article.  I consider myself well-versed in the subject.  It's important for people to realize that the high-level, so-called Conservatives of today are not any such thing.  Conservatism was replaced by NeoConservatism, which was replaced by Neoliberalism.  The use of the term, Conservatism, is now a Propaganda ploy.  I would venture to guess that less than 10% of today's high-level, so-called "Conservatives" have read the bible of modern-day Conservatism, The Conservative Mind, by Russell Kirk.  Should Repubs or others ever do so, they will discover that most of the policies supported by the likes of Trump, Cruz, all the Bush Boys, Rubio, Fiorina, etc. are not Conservative in the slightest.  Ron and Rand Paul are the closest thing to genuine Conservatism nowadays; how they are viewed by the so-called "Conservative" leadership of today demonstrates the disappearance of that political Movement.  Genuine Conservatism essentially is no more.  Don't believe the political hacks and pundits of today who refer to themselves as "Conservative"; they either don't know what they're talking about, or they are propagandizing you.

Be Well