Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Part II: "Fixing" Our Government

Below is my response to an email I received from some friends.  In their email, they talked about the right to vote, and the fact that they weren't clear on what my solution was to the problem of our government (& economy) mess. 

I suspect that you guys still think 
the Rotten System can be corrected from within the system.  If that were true, then it would 
be corrected by now... especially given that we've had at least 100 yrs to do so.  Keeping 
you in that Rigged Game is a huge part of the Propaganda.  Currently, voting at the 
national level is a complete waste of time, and more importantly, it perpetuates the Rigged 
Game.  That will change only when changes from outside the system force changes 
within the system.

As to clear answers on what to do, I agree with you, but only up to a certain point.  I think 
this is pretty clear: "As long as Americans stay stuck in this Repubs v. Dems charade, that all 
will continue.".  And this:  "...the very first step in "fixing" our Gov't and 
overcoming the coup of Neoliberalism is this:  somehow we have to destroy and/or expose 
Edward Bernays style Propaganda.".  ["somehow" would include writing, talking, songs, other 
Art, discussions, websites, formal speeches, ads, and especially, organizing.]  This stuff will 
not happen overnight, if at all.  And this is clear: "Don't vote at the national level.".  The 
Establishment has to be shown that We the People are in charge.  When we vote, they know 
we're not.  I know, that sounds counterintuitive, but it's true.  [The Rich & Powerful select, 
groom, & finance probably 99.9% of all candidates at the national level.  So, how does voting 
help correct that?]  The top-down, dictatorial Republican & Democrat Parties will select two 
total Yahoos for Presidential candidates in the next election.  Any 3rd Party doesn't have a 
chance in hell because of Propaganda, the Corporate Media, & harsh ballot-access laws.  
How does voting help correct that?  I'm serious.  Voting perpetuates the problem.

I don't know the complete solution to the problem, but I'm fairly certain of where to start.  
The Propaganda of the Neoliberals must be exposed...that's 1st.  Then, peaceful activism 
outside the Rotten System must be organized & instituted.  That means either 
individually, or in groups, or both, we have to boycott, demonstrate, & otherwise protest.  
That can be done any number of ways... it doesn't necessarily mean marching down the street 
with banners held high.  Many things can be done quietly & anonymously... e.g., boycotts of 
Mega Banks (who finance corrupt politicians).  Even in a dictatorship, public opinion matters; 
but making it matter requires hard work & solidarity.  Right now, Americans are so 
fragmented that it's no surprise we're essentially beaten.

There are many, many obstacles to solving America's mess.  One is that too many of us 
think that things can be solved fairly quickly... by voting, for example.  I don't have a lot of 
hope that Americans ever will overcome the Neoliberalism Coup, or even understand what 
that is.  But I keep writing & making vids... because I have very young grandchildren, & fear 
for their future.  NeoFeudalism is almost upon us.  Voting won't stop it.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

p.s.  I'm convinced that when my body is dead & I'm gone, someday I'll chuckle (or whatever 
spirits do) when I hear you guys say, "By God, Woodrow, I thought he was nuts, but Haley 
was right all along."...:) 

Monday, April 20, 2015

So, How Do We Fix Our Government?

In my opinion, there is no magic bullet to fix things, but...
if we don't vote, much more can be done than just waiting for the collapse.  Even if people do vote, much more can be done.  There's a huge obstacle, though...
PROPAGANDA from Neoliberals (in general, the highest levels of Repubs & Dems).

Unfortunately, Americans seem to have forgotten that this country was founded due to 
the efforts of Activism.  Violent activism is not an option nowadays, but peaceful activism is 
always possible... one issue at a time.  It's a long haul.  The trouble is, due to Propaganda, 
the ~ 25% of adults who are on the "Right" think that demonstrations, protests, boycotts, etc. 
are "Leftist", or "Socialist", or "UnAmerican".  Nothing could be more American.

So, what could be done?  Well, about a gazillion things could be done... IF Americans had the 
will and weren't so distracted & propagandized.  Here's one tiny thing that could be done:  as 
much as possible, boycott all Mega Banks.  Destroy their credit card biz with boycotts.  Is it 
inconvenient for people?... of course.  You can't change who finances your mortgage, but you 
can have an impact in other areas such as credit cards.

By the way, most politicians voted in by most Americans (Repubs & Dems) just recently gave 
the Corporatist Obama so-called Fast-Track Authority on the TPP.  That means one man 
(Big Biz Obama, not Congress) will do the negotiations for that abomination.  When it comes 
up for a vote in Congress, there will be no debate, no amendments, just a yea or nea.  If it's 
approved, we lose.  Big Biz likes the TPP 1000%; so does Obama, so does McConnell.  If 
Congress votes it in, there will be a downward pressure on wages (because of greed, not 
a lack of choice for biz owners), a decrease in food, toy (& other goods), & pet safety, the 
elimination of Buy American in Gov't procurement contracts, more offshoring of jobs,
& the ability of any corporation to sue our Gov't (or any gov't) for infringement on their profits 
caused by EHS regulatory compliance***.  Way to go, you Gravy Train, Fat-Cat Congress 
people!  [EHS: Environmental/Health/Safety]
***The "court" will be a private, corporate tribunal.  It will have the capability of allowing corporations to "legally" raid the U.S. Treasury.

Everyone in Congress who voted for Fast-Track should be inundated with phone calls, 
emails, or letters berating them for such stupidity.  But that won't happen... because of 
Propaganda, distraction, apathy, or ignorance.  The Neoliberals win again. 

So, what am I getting at here?  Simply, I think the very first step in "fixing" our Gov't and 
overcoming the coup of Neoliberalism is this:  somehow we have to destroy and/or expose 
Edward Bernays style Propaganda.  That propaganda has deceived and immobilized the 
American people.  It has misinformed and distracted them.  They are, for the most part, lost 
in the charade of Right v. Left.  The whole thing is a Rigged Game.  The Main Street "true 
believers" in politics have been duped... completely.  [None of this is a "conspiracy".]  Can this 
"first step" be accomplished?  I doubt it, but maybe.  In any case, it's worth the effort to try.  
NeoFeudalism in America is fast approaching.  Doing nothing is not a good choice.  The 
solution to the problem is not to be found in the current major political parties... they 
are a major part of the problem.

Not just my opinion.  Happy Trails