Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Our Republic vs. the Corporatocracy

In a Constitutional Republic, the basic rules governing the Government are found in a written document...the Constitution. In our Republic, to change the basic rules requires two-thirds of both Houses of Congress plus approval of three-fourths of the States. The only other legal way to change the basic rules is to call a Constitutional Convention. That's one of the reasons that our form of government is not a Democracy---it takes more than a simple majority to change the basic rules that govern the supposedly servant Government.

Unfortunately, as I've illustrated in previous posts, Establishment politicians (influenced by billionaire corporatists) have abrogated our Constitution and passed laws in areas for which there is no delegation of power to the central Government by the Constitution. In other words, the Constitution is bypassed...and the laws are unconstitutional, that is, those laws which deal in areas for which there is no delegated Constitutional authority. This combination of politics and corporatism is the classic definition of Fascism. In plain language, billionaires buy the votes of politicians...often for the benefit of certain industries, but sometimes for altruistic reasons. Some members of the Corporatocracy (e.g., David Rockefeller) actually believe that they can save the world via Globalism. Our Constitution gets in the way---because it limits what the Fed Govt can do---so everyone simply ignores it.

The Courts are part of the Corporatocracy, so very few unconstitutional laws are ever struck down. The cost to a private citizen of challenging any particular law is generally prohibitive, so again, very few unconstitutional laws are challenged.

Some people ask how one can know if a law is unconstitutional or not. They assume that the issue is so complex that only attorneys, judges, and justices can make such a determination. They cite the fact that the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of constitutionality, so it must be extremely complicated. It is not complicated; 99.999999999999% of the Constitution is plainly written. The problem is that almost no American adults have bothered to study it, at least not since ninth grade American Government class.

The limits on the central Government are clear. Any power not stated, not delegated to the central Government, is reserved (by default) to the States by the Tenth Amendment. Thus, by simply reading the Constitution one can determine that the Fed Govt has absolutely no business whatsoever in (for example) the field of Education. The power to deal in that area is reserved to the States by the last item in the Bill of Rights. There is nothing complicated about it. The same applies to dozens and dozens of other areas---areas in which our central Government has no Constitutional authority, but has passed laws dealing with those areas anyway.

I personally know people who think there is nothing wrong with any of that. In fact, they plainly state that we no longer have a Republic---that the conversion to a Democracy has happened, and they are very pleased about the whole thing. Luckily, there are still folks like me who believe that the Republic should be restored...a lot of folks.

But how---how do we restore our Constitutional Republic...short of violent revolution? It will take time, effort, as much money as each can afford, and dedication. Two excellent starting points are found at: and .
Another excellent source is: (see left side of page).

If each of us does not do something, we have no one to blame but ourselves. In the past we were complacent, not vigilant. We allowed the Corporate Globalists to buy our politicians, and we kept electing the same Establishment politicos who most likely will never truly reform campaign financing and most likely will never vote in term limits. We believed that there were significant differences between Republicans and Democrats---there aren't. Except for a very few (e.g., Ron Paul), they are Elitists who are interested in nothing but getting re-elected. Kick the bums out!

Now is the time to stop being complacent. If we work long and hard, then we can restore our Republic; but it won't be easy. It will take education, and action in the form of civil disobedience. It will take dedication and patience.

If you want to start now, go to and sign the Petitions for Redress. Then sign up for email alerts, there and at . Get educated relative to the Income Tax, Jury Nullification, the Constitution, Federal Jurisdiction, etc. at . In short, take action---do something.