Monday, October 15, 2012

More Government-Speak

"Quantitative Easing"--- means printing money out of thin air in order to lower the value of each dollar, then giving the money to private banks at almost zero percent interest.

"Figuring the rate of inflation"--- means not counting the increases in the cost of food, energy, & housing.

"Income tax"--- means a tax on your labor that is used almost exclusively to pay the interest on the national debt.

"Regulate interstate commerce"--- means anything the Fed Government wants it to mean.

"Eminent Domain"--- means anything the Fed Government wants it to mean.

"Congress"--- means the two houses of our government's legislature that contain members who represent the mega Corporatocracy.

"Habeas corpus"--- means nothing; it now exists only at the whim of the Feds.

"Posse Comitatus"--- means nothing; it now exists only at the whim of the Feds.

"President of the United States (POTUS)"--- means the leader who now can,  without consent of the Congress or anyone, declare a "national emergency", arrest American citizens without a warrant, confine them indefinitely without access to a lawyer, and even execute them without a trial.  Also: Google NDAA.

Sorry to say, my Conservative and Liberal friends (and those who are purple, not red or blue), but voting in this country no longer matters.  The only thing that could make a difference for the better would be a MASSIVE, PEACEFUL BOYCOTT of the Fed Government.  Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are essentially zero.  The Fascist Corporatocracy has won; We the People have lost.  Even if they wanted to, Mr. Pablum or the O Man cannot change that.  I suggest that everyone get hold of a paper ballot and write-in "Anonymous for President".  If you don't know who Anonymous is, Google the word.

Happy Trails

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Few Examples of "Government-Speak"

To "annex" or "annexation" (as in the annexation of Hawaii)---  means to steal  land from indigenous people by armed force, intimidation, or both.

"Enhanced interrogation techniques"---  means torture.

"Extraordinary rendition"---  means the clandestine kidnapping of suspects, with no regard for due process, and then rendering them overseas for enhanced interrogation techniques.

"Federal Reserve Bank"---  means a cabal of privately owned banks that, by means of Legislative Absolutism via their political cronies, has co-opted the Constitutional duty of Congress to regulate the value of our money.  It exists because of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, a "law" which amended the Constitution without doing so formally.  In other words, it took precedence over the Supreme Law of the Land.  Quite a trick.  All of this has enriched the owners of these banks beyond belief, never mind devaluing the dollar down to almost nothing.

Globalization---  means the concentration of economic power into the hands of the CEOs of mega transnational corporations.  This is being accomplished by a variety of means, not the least of which are so-called "Free Trade Agreements" (which have nothing at all to do with Free Trade).  These elites of mega corporations believe they are above all nations---way above.

"Manifest Destiny" (our government's excuse for annexation)---  means that we're so honorable and special that we can pretty much do as we please.  [The concept mostly applies to our past, especially when our ancestors annexed the territories of American Indians and Mexicans---from sea to shining sea.]

"War on Drugs"---  means a variety of methods resulting in the control of citizens, the militarizing of police, and the expansion of the prison "industry".  America's drug of choice, alcohol (which by far causes more human damage, abuse, & grief than all the "illegal" drugs combined), remains largely outside of this sphere.

"War on Terror"---  means perpetual war, a Machiavellian method of controlling citizens.  Lately the politicians have stopped using the term, but they continue both the "war" and the propaganda promoting the "War on Terror" (perpetual war).

A few of the above terms did not exist when Reagan and Bush I were President.  [For example, extraordinary rendition began under Clinton.]  Other than those exceptions, all recent American Presidents---including Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama---supported/support and promoted/promote every Government-Speak term listed.  It's difficult to know how many of us as individual American citizens support any or all of them.  All I know for certain is that I don't support or believe in any of them.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Few Propaganda Delusions in the USA

1. Unemployment is now at 8.5%. Facts--- When figuring unemployment, Feds do not include (because they can't) those who are no longer in "the system"--- such as those who have given up looking for work, and those who are grossly underemployed, and those who have temporary or part-time jobs. No one knows what the real number for unemployment may be, but it is certainly much higher than 8.5%.

2. The war in Iraq is over and our efforts were worthwhile. Facts--- Multiple, coordinated bomb attacks are ongoing; the Shiites and Sunnis are still at war with each other. Water and electricity still are not available 100% of the time in cities and towns. Almost two million Iraqis have emigrated from their country and they don't appear to be returning in any significant numbers. We still have a relatively small number of combat soldiers there. "Trainers" are combat soldiers. Finally, what happened to: "Iraqi oil will pay for most of our activities in Iraq."?

3. The dollar is still sound. [I'm not sure if the Oligarchs are pushing this falsehood anymore.] Facts--- In the last ten years, the dollar has lost 40% of its value. If you've had a bank savings account for the last ten years, 40% of the purchasing power in that account is gone. The dollar nowadays has no intrinsic value; its only value is that it's still (for the time being) the world's reserve currency. Several European countries, China, and Russia (and probably others I'm not aware of) are saying publicly that that has to change. According to them, the world will have a new reserve currency before too long.

4. The government of Iran is a threat to us and the world. Facts--- Iran is surrounded by military bases of the only country in history that has used nuclear weapons on civilians---and used them twice. No wonder they want a nuke. More to the point, the old USSR (whose leaders were at least as fanatical as those in Iran) had about 30,000 nukes; we were able to contain them. Iran is a lightweight compared to the old Soviets. The real reason we're rattling sabers at Iran is because, like Saddam did, they are preparing to accept Euros for oil---instead of dollars. That would not bode well for the health of the buck.

5. The Obama Administration works for all of us, especially the poor, the needy, the unemployed, the sick, the in-the-trenches military personnel, etc. Facts--- Our President is the best friend that the Oligarchs ever had. BP and other oil giants, health insurance companies, crooked investment bankers, and many other transnational corporations all have been served well by the current Administration. Example: they're all too big to jail after they commit crimes. Example: Obama expanded the war in Afghanistan and especially the secret wars in Yemen and Pakistan. [The one in Pakistan no longer is much of a secret.] Example: the President supports the actions of the Fed Reserve Chairman, who purposely has been devaluing the dollar for years. That negatively impacts us all.

Don't misunderstand, the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats.

6. We elect Senators and Representatives; therefore, they represent us in a representative government. Facts--- This one is laughable. The last approval rating I saw for Congress was 9%---not 90%, but 9%. Now, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, election costs (including the Presidential election) can run into the billions of dollars---for a single election cycle. That's madness. The Oligarchs paying out those billions get their money's worth; they do not waste their large sums on the elections of people who will represent common folks. Surely we all know that. It should be an axiom. Our government no longer is representative in any sense of the word.

7. Finally, we live in a democracy. Facts--- The USA is (or was meant to be) a Republic. The differences between that and a democracy are significant. For example, in a democracy the emphasis is on the will of the majority; in a republic, the emphasis is on individual rights. In a republic, individual rights cannot be ignored simply because the majority so wishes in some specific instance. In a republic, one is free to do whatever one desires as long as the rights and property of others are not infringed upon. In a democracy, if the majority votes to give up a right (for example, the right to privacy or freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures), then all individuals must abide by that vote. That can only be done in a republic if the government resorts to Executive or Legislative Absolutism, which is exactly what has transpired in this country. In such a case, the republic ceases to exist.

One easily and accurately can argue that the USA no longer is a Republic. It was converted to a democracy primarily by Legislative Absolutism (passing laws with no regard for the limitations imposed by the Constitution), then became a Bribe-ocracy, and finally an Oligarchy or Plutocracy. In the current situation, nonelected Democrats and Republicans arguing over anything is both silly and pointless. The Oligarchs run the show.