Monday, October 18, 2010

No Representation in DC

This post will be short, but not sweet.

We no longer have a representative government at the national level. Some folks say, "But...we elected them; therefore, they represent us." Sorry, but after getting elected, here's what our "representatives" do:
1. pass legislative bills without reading them [Representative Conyers told one interviewer, "Sit down my son; we don't read any of the bills we pass." This, after the interviewer had asked why the Patriot Act had not been read before passage.];
2. attach unpopular bills as amendments to wildly popular bills;
3. vote themselves a pay raise...during a recession;
4. accept hidden/filtered campaign contributions from certain entities, and then vote in favor of bills that benefit those same entities;
5. give/loan billions of dollars to private mega corporations, while essentially raising taxes on the rest of us;
6. for all intents and purposes, nationalize certain portions of particular industries (AIG Insurance, General Motors, some banks, etc.), while allowing Wall Street insiders to continue trading complex derivatives---about $600 trillion** so far (compare that to the world GDP); and,
7. too often, ignore the limitations placed upon them by the Constitution or abdicate their duties under that document. [Example: it is the duty of Congress to regulate the value of our money.]

Now, I ask you: how is all or any of that being a representative government? I would venture to guess that there is not even one voter in this country who wants any part of the above list.

Yes, we elected them. But their actions after election do not represent us. Instead, their actions represent their own self-interests and those of mega corporations. The rest of us are left out in the cold, chewing on empty promises and sly propaganda.

The worst of it is this: we keep re-electing these liars to office...over and over. Come on, now...let's do things differently. Eh?

**Note: my source was two months old. The new figure for the derivatives total is $1.2 quadrillion; that is about twenty times the total of the world's GDP. It has the capability of collapsing our entire financial system; the crisis is far from over. Keep in mind, too, that the Republicans are just as bad (or a little worse) than are the Democrats when it comes to protecting the Wall Street investment banksters.