Sunday, May 26, 2019

What the Next USA President Should Do

Use the Office and/or its Bully Pulpit for---
1.  promoting laws to break up the Mega Banks & Mega Tech Companies (clearly they are monopolies);
2.  the cessation of all Trade Wars;
3.  the withdrawal of combat troops from the Middle East & Central Asia, as well as cutting the number of our military bases on foreign soil by half---that number is now about 800-900 or so---and the military budget by half (currently that budget is more than the next seven largest military budgets in the world combined);
4.  the reinstatement of Nuke Treaties;
5.  ending of our Central Bank, as JFK started to do (we don't need a Middle Man to produce Gov't currency... especially one who charges interest);
6.  a return to some version of the Gold Standard (the amount of gold in the world doesn't prohibit that...only the artificially depressed price of gold does);
7.  the end of blanket surveillance by the NSA, CIA, FBI, and any other Agency;
8.  a return to the Constitutional requirement of Congress having to declare war before troops are sent to war;
9.  a repeal of the "Real ID Act";
10.  a reinstatement of EPA Rules trashed by Trump & Crew;
11.  policies/laws addressing the threat of Climate Change;
12.  promoting the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Banking Act;
13.  the reinstatement of "Net Neutrality";
14.  promoting the establishment of Banking as a Public Utility;
15.  the establishment of the Internet as a Public Utility;
16.  the complete revision of the IRS, or maybe, the elimination of it;
17.  promoting laws that require Congress to read legislative bills before voting on them, and to vote only on one subject/bill at a time (instead of attaching unpopular bills as riders to bills that are guaranteed to pass);
18.  making pot completely legal, and codeine an OTC drug (as it was earlier in my life);
19.  reducing our nuclear arsenal;
20.  promoting laws that prohibit Usury (laws we once had);
21.  prohibiting Gov't interference in foreign elections, prohibiting coups, & prohibiting assassinations by the Executive Branch (according to the Constitution, only Congress legally can order assassinations);
22.  promoting laws that establish Term Limits for all elected officials in the Fed Gov't;
23.  promoting laws that prohibit electronic, black box voting... use paper ballots only;
24.  limiting Executive Orders by Presidents to only the two described in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution:  the Pres can require written reports by his Dept Heads, and can grant pardons to those convicted of Fed crimes (those are the only two described in the Constitution);
25.  policies which abide by International Law, and in particular, recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court (we didn't mind doing that when we set up the Nuremberg Trials).

Those are only some of the things the next President should do, but they would be a great start toward returning this country to sanity.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well