Wednesday, January 20, 2010


in Massachusetts. The voters finally may be sending a message to DC: we're sick and tired of the status quo...sick to death of shallow Democrats and Republicans who are the shills of the Corporatocracy. At least Scott Brown initially appears to be independent minded and not run by Wall Street Banksters. Time will tell. One thing is relatively certain: voters have indicated great displeasure with the likes of Obama and Pelosi, and with the "one-size-fits-all" approach to health care.

In the meantime, Republicans should not misinterpret the Massachusetts vote. It was not only a rejection of the approach of the Democrats to political matters; it was also a rejection of the "incumbent attitude" of both parties in DC. Incumbents of either party may find extremely rough sailing in the next election. The common people have had it with the DC Elites.

Perhaps the Massachusetts vote was the opening salvo in the new battle to restore the Republic and reject Globalism. Or maybe that's hoping for too much. In any case, the era of Obama Change appears to be in reversal. The Scott Brown win in the Kennedy Dynasty State is a watershed event.