Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Farcical Kabuki Theater Election Campaigns Continue

NOTE:  number 3 below was edited on 7-31-16.

1.  It's all about the individual personal traits of the candidates.  There has been close to nothing said about the ISSUES, especially not anything with any semblance of depth.

2.  Trump continues to speak as though he's purposely throwing the election...about hacking Clinton's emails, and wanting to "hit" speakers at the Dem Convention, etc., etc.  The Don is not Presidential.

3.  Clinton continues to say whatever the Main Street Dems want to hear...even though her record is almost totally the opposite of what she is saying.  Hillary is a Neoliberal Corporatist and a Perpetual War Hawk... ask the following people what they think about that statement:  Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Jeremy Scahill, Cornel West, Michael Hudson, Steve Keen, John Perkins, Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange, Eddie Glaude, Jill Stein, and many others.  They all agree.

4.  As far as can be seen by an examination of a wide variety of news sources, about two million votes STILL have not been counted in the California Primary Election a short while ago.  Clinton "won" over Sanders by 440,000 votes or so.  Well...maybe.  We don't know that for certain.

5.  The Repub Hierarchy continues to ignore (some with disdain) their Party's candidate.  Again, this is highly suggestive of throwing the election.

6.  Kaine has the gall to reference his experiences in Honduras (1980-1981) and what it was like to witness life in a dictatorship, but fails to mention that the dictatorship was installed and supported by the U.S. Gov't.  He says all this on the heels of Clinton supporting a different, 2009 (I think that was the year) military coup and dictatorship in Honduras.  That country keeps getting SSDD from our Gov't, including from former Secretary of State, Clinton.

7.  Some Main Street Repubs (maybe 20% of registered voters), many who are so-called "Conservatives" (which nowadays means NeoCons or Neoliberals), continue to support a guy who is neither Republican or Conservative.  Furthermore, Trump shows little knowledge of or respect for the U.S. Constitution.  [In that respect, he's exactly like most high-level, national, "Establishment" politicians.]

8.  At the Dem Convention, Obama claimed that Hillary was the most qualified candidate for President, man or woman, in our history.  Please, Mr. can't possibly be serious.  Your statement bespeaks a lack of knowledge concerning the history of this Land...or, a deal you made with Clinton back when...or, who knows what.
Politics in the two major Parties (which really are only one Party) is nothing but the illusion of choice and a distraction from the truly significant issues affecting our country.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Deceitfulness of Clinton is Astounding

At the Democratic Convention, Clinton made the following statement regarding the VP choice, Kaine:  "He's a Progressive who...".  If that weren't so comical, it would be tragic.  It's a bald-faced lie.  Kaine isn't in the same ballpark as Progressives; hell, he's not even on the same planet.  I'm not a Progressive, but even I know that.  So does Hillary.  Kaine is a Corporatist of the first order.  Anyone with any astuteness at all in the field of politics knows that.  All you have to do is look at his record.

That's how the Oligarchy operates.  They make false statements, and then repeat them until people start accepting them as true.  It's a tactic as old as politics.

So we have the deception of Clinton, and the ignorance of Trump... unless Trump's pronouncements are an act... which certainly is possible.  What a choice.  Of course, there are others running for President.

[For any new readers, I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, and don't support either Clinton or Trump.  I firmly believe we all should boycott the national election in November.  The new President already has been selected... by the major Party hierarchies, the Plutocrats, the Corporate Media, and the corrupt parts of the Financial Sector.  Basically, the election is over.  Right, Madam President?]

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Sunday, July 24, 2016

With the Kaine Choice, Sanders Already Has Been Marginalized... and the Repubs Have Given Up

The Democrats now have two Corporatists in the top slots, Clinton and Kaine.  The Sanders' contingent now is marginalized almost completely.  I suspect that some, perhaps many or most, Democrats think that the supposed demise of the DLC---and the return of the DNC---as the Head Honcho of the Democratic Party meant that the Dem Corporatist days were over.  The DNC may be running things, but the strategies, the policies, and the tactics are pure DLC...and, of course, Hillary and Bill were key figures in the DLC.  The Corporatists and the War Hawks win again.  C'est la vie.

The Republicans finalized their plans to split their Party and throw the November election.  Let's see, who didn't even show up at the Convention?--- all three Bush Boys (perhaps Poppy Bush is incapacitated, I don't know), McCain, Kasich, Rand Paul, Rubio, Romney, Graham, Toomey, and a few others whose names escape me at the moment.  So much for unity.  The Republican Hierarchy has decided to give the election to Wall Street's number one choice---Hillary.

Barring any extreme unforeseen circumstances, the November election essentially is over.  The Financial Sector and the War Hawks are the winners.  About 99% of the rest of us are the losers.  Even if by some miracle Trump & Pence win, the previous statements still stand.  Don't vote at the national level in November, or if you must, vote for a worthy alternative to the Corporatists.  There are several of them from which to matter what makes up your political beliefs.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well