Friday, October 31, 2014

Elections, the Oligarchy, and Pointlessness in the USA

For decades and decades, "voting" in national elections in the USA has been largely pointless.  Here's why.

1.  Most all national candidates are selected, groomed, and financed by the Oligarchy...regardless of political party.  Should some other candidate (by some miracle) manage to get elected, that person is fairly quickly marginalized, rendered ineffective, and/or smeared by the Political System.  He/she is relegated to being little more than the butt of jokes and not taken seriously.

2.  Because of restrictive ballot-access laws created by Democrats & Republicans, any third party rarely is able to get on the ballot in all 50 States.  Even if an alternative party does manage to do so, the Corporate Media Machine pretty much ignores them.

3.  The approximately 50% of eligible voters here who do actually vote get the bulk of their information regarding candidates from political ads written by advertising other words, from bald-faced propaganda.

4.  Whoever runs the most ads usually wins.  As a result, one election cycle at the national level can involve the expenditure of over a billion dollars.  That's insanity...and no way to select someone to represent We the People.  Why?  Because it fosters more & more reliance on money & propaganda...and results in more & more corruption.

5.  The major political parties merely are two branches of the only political party in America of any significance:  the un-named Mega Transnational Corporatist Party.

6.  No matter who gets elected at the national level, Republican or Democrat, they will promote, support, or at least not effectively oppose the following:  institutionalized deficit spending; the Fed Reserve System of privately owned banks;  the current, anti-American, Fed China Trade Policy; the current, unconstitutional activities of the FBI relative to conducting searches without a proper warrant; other violations of the First and Fourth Amendments by the NSA, FBI, & CIA; protecting mega bank CEOs from criminal prosecution; the Fed Govt's exemption of itself from International Law; so-called "Free Trade" Agreements, such as the upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which has little to do with Trade, but a lot to do with Neoliberal policies favoring Mega Transnational Corporations; the greatest shift of wealth in History from the Middle Class to the upper one percent of adult Americans; unconstitutional wars; unconstitutional "Executive Orders"; the shipping of manufacturing overseas; corporate welfare; and on & on.

7.  At the highest levels, Republicans-Democrats or NeoConservatives-Liberals do their very best to keep the general public from truly participating in government.  Most all of them firmly believe in a Plutocracy, Oligarchy, or Meritocracy.  They are "True Believers" and convinced that unlike the "ignorant masses", they know best how to "run" the country.

8.  Once elected, a politician's first priority is to get re-elected.  Bellying up to The Federal Trough is too sweet to risk losing.  [That's one reason we desperately need Term Limits, something opposed by them all.]
Not much will change if we keep doing nothing but "voting"; we've been doing so for well over 200 years.  Things are only sliding downhill.  "Voting" has accomplished very little for We the People...especially in the area of the Economy.  We're gradually moving to a Neo-feudal Society.  The Working Poor is the fastest growing economic class in this country.

Before voting can make a significant difference, ballot-access laws must be changed.  Campaign finance laws must be changed...or better yet, a Constitutional Amendment is needed relative to financing campaigns.  None of this will happen without immense pressure put on politicians; it is not in their best interests to change any of the current corruption.  In my opinion, the chances of it happening are very slim to none.

Step One:  stop drinking the Propaganda Kool Aid.
Step Two:  vehemently insist that the Constitution be obeyed.
Step Three:  organize.
Step Four:  peacefully resist, protest, and/or boycott.
[Imagine if at the next Oligarchical election, no one voted.  Now that is a message which could not be ignored.  Unfortunately, it won't happen...because of "True Believers" and Propaganda Kool Aid drinkers.]

Politics in America---and probably most of the developed world---has been co-opted by mega transnational corporations.  The Democrat and Republican Parties are totally irrelevant.  Third Parties are as well, because the System is rigged against them.  Without changes to ballot-access and campaign finance laws, that will continue.  In terms of formal politics, sorry to say, but the Oligarchy has won...they have completely conquered us by Distraction and Division.  That's only in terms of formal politics, though.  There are other peaceful means to do battle.  It pains me greatly to see people still stuck in formal politics, thinking they'll change things from the inside.  Sorry, it can't be done anymore; the Oligarchs are in complete control of formal politics.  The Fraud of Obama proves that beyond any shadow of doubt.

"Voting" is the opium of the masses in this country.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well