Friday, November 23, 2018

Genuine Democracy Does Not Exist in the USA

I love this Land and, in general, its people.  Because someone loves their country does not mean that they have to love the rulers in their government.  Our rulers not only are plutocratic, they are fast becoming autocratic and despotic.  All one has to do is listen to and watch the current Occupier of the Oval Office for proof of that.

This never was a democracy; not only that, but our 
"democratic republic" is long gone.  The majority of our 
Founders described democracy as "mob rule", or "two 
wolves & one sheep deciding what's for lunch", or 
"despicable", or "tyranny of the majority", or "the devil's 
own gov't", or "the most violent of despotisms", or 
"violating the concept that whoever owns the country 
should rule it", etc.  [All quotes by various Founders.]
Schools left all that out of American Gov't 101.  😊
Our democratic republic is long gone because---

1.  The Constitution is violated almost equally by Dems 
& Repubs...and often.  That has been going on for decades; some of them even admit it.

2.  The proper use of the Executive Order is violated 
almost equally by Dems & Repubs.  [The Constitution 
allows only two Executive Orders in Article II, Section 2.  
Dems & Repubs claim that those two imply an unlimited 
& unspecified number of others.]

By violating this provision of Article II, Section 2, Presidents have been able to create "laws" without Congress.  For decades, past Presidents each have done this literally hundreds of times.  That makes them autocrats.  Presidents represent the State, not the People; that's why only Congress is authorized to create Laws.  Members of Congress supposedly represent We the People.

3.  In general, the majority of both elected Dems & 
elected Repubs are warmongers & corporatists.  With 
rigged Primaries, rigged elections, gerrymandering, 
voter suppression, black box voting, etc., that's not going 
to change.  Never mind the unrelenting propaganda.

4.  Both Parties believe in Mega Corps being too big to 
fail and too big to jail.  That applies not only to Mega 
Banks, but to Mega Insurance Corps & others as well.

5.  Probably over 99% of national candidates are 
selected, groomed, & financed by Super-Rich Plutocrats.

6.  Both Parties gerrymander House districts.
7.  Both Parties rig Primaries.
8.  Both Parties support corporatist globalization.

9.  According to a Princeton study, national politicians 
ignore the expressed will of the People 70% of the time.

10.  If voting really & permanently changed anything of 
significance, the Powers-That-Be would make voting 

11.  Despite any small victories won by the People, 
Corporatism ultimately winds up ruling.

12.  Except for some indigenous societies (mostly in the 
Past), throughout history---& right through to today--- 
Plutocrats always have ruled.  C'est la vie. 

13.  What we've had ruling our country for decades now is a Plutocratic, CRONY Capitalist, State-Corporate Complex.  It reigns supreme, and it's not a "conspiracy"; it's right out in plain sight.
Under present conditions, voting won't change any of 
the above.  Meaningful change only will come from 
outside the whole corrupt system, a system that should 
be shunned...and that change should be peaceful.

Not only my opinion.
Be Well