Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Dollar's Days are Numbered - the Crash, Central Banks, Fiat Currency, & Gold

I'm not an economist, monetary theorist, or anything of the sort; however, I can read and I have a fairly good grasp of Logic.  Consider the following.

1.  The Dollar has been described as the best of the worst houses in a really bad neighborhood.  To one degree or another, all fiat currencies in the world are in deep trouble.  The great, decades-long Fiat Currency Experiment is on the brink of going down in flames.

2.  Supposedly, the USA (& thus the world) ended being on the Gold Standard in 1971.  If that's completely true, why are Central Bankers (except for Canada) so concerned about gold...and especially, the price of gold?  Why is China buying tons of gold per month?  Why are India, Russia, & every other country that can afford it adding to their stockpiles of gold?  Why is the Gov't of the USA keeping any gold at all?  [Especially given the tremendous public debt we've accumulated; it would appear that we have no intention of ever repaying the principal on that debt.]

3.  Deutsche Bank recently confessed to gold (& silver) price-fixing/rigging, and is informing on the other banks in the price-fixing/rigging cartel...including some Mega Banks on Wall Street.

4.  Prices of gold (& silver) have been illegally, artificially suppressed for years because the price of gold (in particular) is an indicator of the health of the Dollar...and of the health of any other fiat currency.  When the price of gold goes up, that means the Dollar has weakened.

5.  Gold is a store of wealth & confidence...confidence in the value of precious metals.  Fiat currency is a store of confidence only...confidence in paper and gov'ts.

6.  I don't recall the details, but just recently, China pegged the value of the Yuan to gold...some sort of benchmark.  It seems obvious that once China has accumulated a sufficient amount of gold, it's going to issue a Gold-Backed Currency...backed to one degree or another.  If and when that happens, that's the end of the Dollar as the world's reserve currency.  [Of course, that end can occur in other ways, as well.]

7.  Some people argue that a Gold Standard nowadays is not feasible because of the greatly expanded (compared to, say, 1930 or 1950) money supply versus a finite amount of gold in existence.  As the international economist, Jim Rickards, points out:  that's a fallacious argument because what matters is the price of gold, not the amount.  At $10,000 per ounce, no problem.  As the currency supply expands even more, the price of gold would go up even more.

8.  A new Gold Standard would put a clamp on unrestrained spending by gov'ts...that's why some Oligarchs and most of their minions in gov'ts everywhere are against returning to any kind of Gold Standard.  It appears that China soon may change all that.

9.  Countries already are dumping Dollars, but it's not much more than a trickle compared to what's likely coming.

10.  In addition to all the above, world debt is at $225 trillion...the highest it has ever been, the total value of bizarre financial derivatives out in the Market is now estimated to be about $1.5 quadrillion, Stock Markets are giant Bubbles, unemployment is soaring (our Gov't doesn't have a clue as to what the unemployment rate is...their markers for calculating that are grossly incomplete), the real estate market is a Bubble, manufacturing is declining fairly rapidly, part-time and temporary jobs are on the rise, the Dollar continues to be debased by the Fed, the economy is deflating, real wages either are stagnant or declining, the Middle Class continues to shrink, 51% of American households now earn only $30K or less per year, debt (both public & private) is crushing the Dollar and the economy, the incomes of the Super-Rich continue to increase, the world economy is stagnant, the People are pissed off, and Gov'ts continue to placate everyone with Edward Bernays style Propaganda...but that's not working very well anymore.

11.  To top it off, we're in the beginning stages of a worldwide Economic Crash.  Some analysts say it will be as bad as, or worse than, the 1930's Great Depression.

12.  And finally, several high-level politicians in several different countries appear to be attempting to provoke a major war...that includes some high-level politicians in the USA.  Historically, that's what the Powers-That-Be do when economies are failing and the monetary system is crashing.
The good news is that educated People everywhere are rising up peacefully and rejecting SSDD by protesting, boycotting, shunning, rejecting, and refusing to be silent.  The Propaganda Kool Aid is being thrown out.  The Sheeple have become the Lions. I suspect that Oligarchs everywhere are beginning to tremble.  All across the political spectrum, We the People (many of us, anyway) have had enough.  It's past time to peacefully dethrone the CRONY Capitalists, Globalization Gurus, and Financialization Elites.  It will be a long haul, but it's do-able.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well