Saturday, August 15, 2015

What the Right and the Left Don't Seem to Understand

The Right Wing in American politics doesn't appear to understand that probably the majority of Americans are fed up to the gills with Corporatism, Financialization, and the de-industrialization of our country.  In addition, we're tired of all the squabbling over divisive, hot-button, social issues.  Finally, we're really tired of  people who say they stand for Freedom, but actually, it's only for the freedoms of which they approve.

The Left Wing doesn't appear to understand that, at the highest levels, almost all their major political players are Corporatist Neoliberals...pretty much the same as in the Right Wing.  This is why, at the highest levels in American politics, the old labels of the past essentially are meaningless.  [By "old labels", I mean all of the following:  Republican, Democrat, Right, Left, Conservative, NeoConservative, Liberal, and Progressive.]

All of the above is true because of Neoliberalism.  The Neoliberals here have staged a coup in our government at the national level.  It wasn't a grand conspiracy of any kind, and it took many years to be successful.  They did it mostly by sheer, dumb luck...and perseverance.  I suspect that many people are totally unaware of it.  Don't think for a moment I'm saying that I discovered it.  I became aware of it over decades by listening to or reading the works of people such as Noam Chomsky, Carroll Quigley, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, Jeremy Scahill, Naomi Klein, Lori Wallach, Glenn Greenwald, David Rockefeller, and several others.

I'm aware that all of the above most likely is not accepted as true by many (perhaps most) Americans.  That's unfortunate because, believe it or not, the new political paradigm is the Oligarchy versus the rest of us.  The Oligarchy consists of Corporatist Neoliberals both in and out of government...with a revolving door between the two.  They believe in, support, and work for Globalization, "Free Trade" Agreements, Financialization, the de-industrialization of America, and Mega Corporations.  They have us on a steady and fast path to some form of NeoFeudalism--- with two economic classes:  the relatively poor and the super-rich.

At the street level, Right-Wingers seem to reject this thesis more than do the Left-Wingers.  At the highest level, I'm guessing all of them simply accept it, but don't talk about it much.  At that level, they all are aware that they belong to a special club, one to which street level people will never gain entrance.  I've heard (on news clips) a few CEOs refer to the rest of us as the "little people" or the "small people".  I've also heard prominent politicians (not knowing the microphone was still open) say that the "American people are just stupid".  Those anecdotes don't prove anything, but they do give a person pause to think.

This whole issue is not Right-Left, or Republican-Democrat, or Conservative-Progressive in nature.  It's devastatingly unfortunate that many or most Americans still are thinking in those terms.  That's how the Corporatists beat us:  Distract, Divide, & Conquer.  By the way, Corporatism is Fascism; every historian I've ever read on the subject agrees with that.

It is long past time that we heed the words of the billionaire, Warren Buffett:  "We are in a Class War in this country, and unfortunately, my Class is winning.".

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Part II: "Fixing" Our Government [Redux]

I posted this (below) about four months ago.  With a few very, very minor changes, I'm re-posting it now because I think it's important relative to the Kabuki Theater electioneering presently taking place.  [Sorry, but the format didn't copy correctly, and I don't have time to fix it.]

Below is my response to an email I received from some friends.  In their email, they talked about the importance of the right to vote, and the fact that they weren't clear on what my solution was to the problem of our governmental (& economic) mess. 

I suspect that you guys still think 
the Rotten System can be corrected from within the system.  If that were true, then it would be corrected by now... especially given that we've had at least 100 yrs to do so.  Keeping you in that Rigged Game is a huge part of the Propaganda.  Currently, voting at the national level is a complete waste of time, and more importantly, it perpetuates the Rigged Game.  That will change only when changes from outside the system force changes within the system.

As to clear answers on what to do, I agree with you, but only up to a certain point.  I think 
this is pretty clear: "As long as Americans stay stuck in this Repubs v. Dems charade, that all 
will continue.".  And this:  "...the very first step in "fixing" our Gov't and 
overcoming the Coup of Neoliberalism is this:  somehow we have to destroy and/or expose 
Edward Bernays style Propaganda.".  ["somehow" would include writing, talking, songs, other 
Art, discussions, websites, formal speeches, ads, flyers, and especially, organizing.] This stuff will 
not happen overnight, if at all.  
And this is clear: "Don't vote at the national level.".  The 
Establishment has to be shown that We the People are in charge.  When we vote, they know 
we're not.  I know, that sounds counterintuitive, but it's true.  [The Rich & Powerful select, 
groom, & finance probably 99% of all candidates at the national level.  The remaining 1% are marginalized by the corrupt system.  
So, how does voting 
help correct that?]  The top-down, dictatorial Republican & Democrat Parties (along with the Corporatocracy) will select 
total Yahoos for Presidential candidates in the next election.  Any 3rd Party doesn't have a 
chance in hell because of Propaganda, the Corporate Media, & harsh ballot-access laws.  
How does voting help correct that?  I'm serious.  Voting perpetuates the problem.

I don't know the complete solution to the problem, but I'm fairly certain of where to start.  
The Propaganda of the Neoliberals must be exposed...that's 1st.  Then, peaceful activism 
outside the Rotten System must be organized & instituted.  That means either 
individually, or in groups, or both, we have to boycott, demonstrate, & otherwise protest.  
That can be done any number of ways... it doesn't necessarily mean marching down the street 
with banners held high.  Many things can be done quietly & anonymously... e.g., boycotts of 
Mega Banks (who finance corrupt politicians).  Even in a dictatorship, public opinion matters; 
but making it matter requires hard work & solidarity.  Right now, Americans are so 
fragmented that it's no surprise we're essentially beaten.

There are many, many obstacles to solving America's mess.  One is that too many of us 
think that things can be solved fairly quickly... by voting, for example.  I don't have a lot of 
hope that Americans ever will overcome the Neoliberalism Coup, or even understand what 
that is.  But I keep writing & making vids... because I have very young grandchildren, & fear 
for their future.  NeoFeudalism is almost upon us.  Voting won't stop it.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well