Thursday, July 4, 2013

Political Correctness (PC)

This (below) is from a postscript that I wrote to my brother.  It may be of interest to some or all of you...and, as always, it's just my opinion.  [Thankfully, I think the PC Movement is on its way out of our society; at least, I see the beginnings of that.]

Russell Means (R.I.P.) of A.I.M. stated in an interview with a Caucasian, "I'm an American Indian; a 'native american' is anyone born in this country."  John Echohawk of the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) once wrote, "There is nothing whatsoever wrong with the term, 'American Indian'."

As you might guess, I really don't like the whole "politically correct" schtick.  I think it's akin to de Tocqueville's "mild despotism"...the bending & shaping of individuals by the power structure.  It doesn't bother me that others use the term "native american" (as long as they don't insist that I use it), but I prefer "American Indian"... and I have only the greatest respect for those folks.  [I'm aware that some Indians prefer "Native American".]

To illustrate how silly (to me) all the PC stuff is--- Almost everyone would refer to us as "White"; even the Fed Gov't uses that term on forms.  I really dislike the term. Typing paper is "white"; I certainly am not.  European American, Caucasian, Anglo---fine, no worries...but please, not "White".  As applied to humans, I think the term is stupid...but...I don't make a big deal out of it & start a PC movement to pressure everyone into not saying "White".  After all, taking offense to something like that is (to me) the problem of the offended...I think it's a sign of insecurity & psychological weakness.  I say to such folks:  look inward to solve your problems, not outward.  Whatever happened to "Sticks & stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."?

Point is: I believe that the whole PC Movement is a contrivance of the power structure (Oligarchy) to intrude upon Individualism and limit free speech.  The Oligarchy does its best to make us into a Nation of Sheep.  Well...enough of that whole subject.  [It's good to vent... avoids ulcers...& prison :)]

Happy Trails