Monday, July 30, 2007

26 USC and You

Title 26 USC is impeccably Constitutional BECAUSE, as written, it DOES NOT tax the income of the average American wage-earner. It only taxes "taxable income", which does not include "eliminated income", "exempt income", or "excluded income" (all terms from the Tax Code).

See: Be sure to view the two short videos---the link for them is on the right side of the page, at the picture of a ball & chain. Those videos are a demonstration (with results) of data-mining the Tax Code to determine the meaning of key sections.

The uninformed believers in the Individual Income Tax respond by saying something like, "Taxable income is gross income minus deductions" (and so the tax applies to all); but they leave out this CRUCIAL introduction--- "Except as otherwise provided...", found in the description of gross income.

The Tax Code is riddled with phrases like that. "Section XX.XX to the contrary notwithstanding...", or, "Except as provided for in Section XX.XX...", "In general...", "Notwithstanding Section 61...", "Other than those specified...", "Except for excluded income...", etc.---when deciphering the Tax Code, ALL such phrases must be researched further.

The average duped American never bothers to fully research anything beyond, "There is hereby imposed on the taxable income of every individual a tax...". No wonder they think the tax applies to everyone! You folks who oppose the Tax Honesty Movement really do need to read the ENTIRE THING---26 USC, Subtitle A, Chapter 1 (the Income Tax)...and when it says things like, "Notwithstanding Section 61...", you have to go to 61 and see what they're talking about if you expect to truly understand the Tax Code.

Some dupe/dope in one comment on another website said something like, "They [members of the Tax Honesty Movement] keep saying 'Show me the law!'---well, it's on the very first page!". Such people don't have a clue; they don't do proper due diligence.

For those new to this blog, here a few pertinent points:
1. the purpose of the 16th Amendment was to correct a glitch in the 1909 Corporate Excise Tax Statute;
2. several Supreme Court rulings (never reversed) between 1918 and 1923 concluded that the word "incomes" in the 16th Amendment meant "gain or profit from corporate activity", and that the Amendment conferred "no new taxing powers" upon the Fed Govt;
3. Fed Govt services are not paid for by individual income taxes (those revenues pay the interest on the national debt, according to the Grace Commission)---Govt services are paid for by corporate taxes, many excise taxes, SS taxes, Medicare taxes, duties, imposts, a few miscellaneous taxes, and more borrowed money.