Wednesday, February 17, 2010


To all Republicans and Democrats: why are we still in Iraq? Why are we still expending blood and treasure there? We went in originally to find WMD. The ones found were degraded and/or mostly disintegrated. Then the reason for our presence became: Saddam is a brutal tyrant (no question about that), and his regime must be replaced. We found him and he's now dead. His regime has been replaced. Then the reason became: we need to insure that elections take place. They have. Finally, the reason became: we must battle Al Qaida. From all I've read and heard, they're now mostly in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Why are we still in Iraq? Why is our embassy there the largest embassy in the world? How long do we plan on having troops in Iraq? After we leave (if we leave), will the Sunni-Shiite civil war continue?

These are all legitimate questions, and I don't see any national politician addressing them.

Why are DC politicians not answering these questions? Why are not more people asking them?