Sunday, September 9, 2007

The MYTH of the Big Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

99.9% of the professional political hacks either in office or running for office as a Repub or Dem subscribe to (or support)...or at least, do not oppose:

Corporatocracy-promoted Globalism;

no-term-limits, which virtually guarantees corruption;

the bogus "War on Terror";

the bogus "War on Drugs";

the concept of American dominance;

the devastating practice of deficit-spending;

an ever-growing Fed Govt;

a two-party monopoly in politics;

the very idea of political parties (which are completely unnecessary);

soft money in political campaigns;

our destructive fiat money system;

the misapplied Individual Income Tax (all of which goes to pay the interest on the nat'l debt);

the concept that Govt knows best what is good for the individual;

the military-industrial complex;

the concept of Legislative Absolutism (a term coined by Justice Harlan in 1901), which allows the abrogation of the Constitution;

the idea that it's just too complicated to end the war in Iraq now;

the idea that individuals must be forced to pay for items that the majority thinks are necessary, even when there is no Constitutional authority to permit the central govt to delve into those areas;

the welfare state;

the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System; and,

the Patriot Act (which virtually has trashed much of the Bill of Rights).

So, where are the big differences?