Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Trump Corporatist Fiasco Continues

1.  In the past year, our National Debt has increased by one trillion dollars; it now stands at just a smidgen away from $21 trillion.  I imagine that's one of the factors which caused the IMF to launch a ten-year program to replace the Dollar as the world's reserve currency.  I recall creating and later sending a petition of concern to selected members of Congress in late 2003 or early 2004.  It was about our National Debt; at the time, the Debt was $6.8 trillion.

2.  We're now closer to nuclear war than at any time since the end of the old Cold War.  The Powers-That-Be now even believe that the use of "tactical" nukes is possible without any significant, long-term, negative effects on Life.  Today's nuclear nations (especially Trump's USA) continue to promote the idea that nuke weapons should not exist in any country...except theirs.  It's long past the time when no nation should have nuclear weapons.

3.  Our Bubble economy continues.  Despite propaganda to the contrary, it's getting worse under Trump's Corporatist, Government-Sachs Administration.

4.  Environmental/Health/Safety regulations are being rolled back by the anti-Science Trumpistas on an unprecedented scale.  They live in an artificial world, apparently have had little to no education in the natural sciences, so it's no wonder they seemingly can't grasp the interconnectedness of living things and their habitats...including those of humans.  The same thing is happening with regulations in the Financial Sector.  The foxes now are guarding the hen house, the hen house being We the People.  The transfer of wealth to the Upper Crust is being made easier.  The Middle Class continues to shrink; it's now less than 50% of our population.

5.  With the firing of Tillerson, the only person in the whole Trump Crew who had a bit of statesmanship in him, the Don's White House most likely has surpassed all others for Staff turnover in the first fourteen months or so.  Not a stable situation.  The only thing consistent about the Trump Outfit is that they're all scientifically illiterate, and they're Corporatists, Warmongers, supporters of torture, supporters of failed economic & fiscal policy, & Super-Rich.  Never mind that they're violators of their Oath of Office..."...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States...".  The really bad news is that Trump's choice for a replacement each time there's a Staff turnover is even worse in terms of Corporatism, Warmongering, etc.  They're like a bunch of spoiled, ignorant children.

6.  Though a bit less, probably so because of the approaching Mid-Term elections, Trump's gaslighting & lying continue.  He comes out with outrageous claims and bald-faced lies...most likely to distract people from his many troubles.
It's mind-boggling that Trump ever got into the highest political office in this Land in the first place, and that he hasn't yet been kicked out.  That's the truly amazing part of it all.  Welcome to the Evil of Two Lessers.  In the USA, Propaganda reigns supreme...again.

Though there are obvious differences, the entire political scenario in the USA today is eerily similar to that of Germany in 1933.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well
p.s.  For any new readers here, no, I'm not a Democrat...or a Republican.