Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Tragic Comedy

The two-party monopoly in American politics is elitist, nonrepresentative, and mostly a tragic comedy.

I think it's all a big show...meant to distract us from the discovery that:
1) our borders slowly are being eliminated;
2) our national sovereignty slowly is being eliminated;
3) our money is virtually worthless (which will enhance the transition to the NAU "Amero");
4) multi-national corporate Globalism rules, not American interests...especially in economic and energy matters;
5) the purpose of a national ID is to keep track of us, not terrorists;
6) some unalienable individual freedoms must be sacrificed for the good of the State is nothing but propaganda promoted by central planners;
7) foreign policy is designed to secure foreign natural resources and Corporatocracy business interests;
8) both political parties believe that the Corporatocracy is essential to our survival;
9) Government is no longer the servant; and,
10) the two-party monopoly has, for all intents and purposes, trashed our Constitutional Republic.

The Democrats are as big a tragic comedy as is King George. Except for a few minor corrections in the country's flawed path, the Dems spend most of their time making excuses, squabbling amongst themselves, and doing virtually nothing (or worse, providing support) in regard to the Globalist Corporatocracy takeover of our economy. Their impotence is unbelievable...and damning...and suspicious.

As for the Republicans, well, obviously they have been hijacked by those who believe in the philosophy of Irving Kristol (who formerly was a Trotskyite), the American Empire NeoCons. But even prior to that, Republicans have contributed to all of the points listed above.

The Republi-crats are the elitist Government Club. They all talk a good talk...and every so often produce a flurry of seemingly beneficial activity. Meanwhile, the march toward 1984 continues unabated...and supported by the two-party monopoly.

So, We the People are pretty much shafted...unless...
we boycott the Establishment two-party monopoly on a massive scale, thus crumbling the repressive ballot-access laws, political elitism, and Corporate Media political propaganda. Only then will folks with integrity and honor have a chance of being elected and making a difference. Our only chance is to return to citizen (not professional) politicians. [Our Founders never imagined that anyone would want to make a career out of the snakepit in DC. They figured people would serve a term or three and then go back to their real jobs.]

I don't see it happening anytime soon. Too many people still believe that the rotten political system can be changed by remaining within the bounds of that system (the two-party monopoly). I look back over the last half century and ask myself, "How can they still believe that?".