Monday, September 29, 2008

Governments Continue to Enrich Bankers and Cause Inflation

From MSNBC News: "BREAKING NEWS: Federal Reserve, other central banks make massive cash injection to fight credit crisis"

Ah, yes, the big crisis...requiring the Fed Govt, the Fed Reserve, and central banks in other countries to intervene in the marketplace. Central banks are ordering more cash (that doesn't exist), governments are printing it up (from thin air), and why? So it can be loaned out, thus enabling the banks to earn more interest.

The result will be: inflation of prices of goods and services in the marketplace.

According to the late Milton Friedman (Nobel Prize winner in Economics), the cause of inflation is strictly monetary. Higher prices do not cause inflation, they are a reflection of it. The cause of inflation (of prices) is the inflation of the money supply. The reason is because when the money supply is increased, the value of each unit (e.g., the dollar) goes down; it then takes more units to buy the same item as compared to before the increase in the money supply. A simple way to understand it is: if beaches were made of grains of gold instead of grains of sand, how much would an ounce of gold be worth? [Not much.] In other words, if gold were plentiful, the value of each ounce would be a lot less as compared to when it was not plentiful. Whenever the number of most anything is increased, the value of each unit decreases.

Will the super-rich be hurt by this forthcoming inflation of prices? Not really...not compared to the effect on the rest of us. Bankers, in particular, will just get richer. They now have a lot more nonexistent money to loan out at interest.

So, let's recap. Central banks (like the Fed Reserve) are ordering up nonexistent money from Government printing houses. Governments virtually are giving the money to the banks (they pay something like fifty cents for a $100-bill), so the banks can loan it out at interest. The resulting increase in the money supply causes the value of each dollar to go down, thus there is a de facto rise in prices of consumer goods and services. The super-rich don't mind because they're...well, super-rich. Besides, they sell (on a massive scale) the goods and services that will increase in price. The banks will make more loans and garner more interest. The rest of us suffer.

The Government and the Fed Reserve have resolved another crisis! Yippeekiiyay!

Isn't it obvious by now what's going on...and what part Uncle TOM (Tired Old Media) plays?