Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Coup in Greece & Why it's Important to You

The new government in Greece was blackmailed by Oligarchs.  The Greek Gov't did not close the banks; it was the European Central Bank that did so.  Imagine if, for example, the Fed Reserve here closed all banks in the USA.  They would be re-opened only if our Gov't agreed to receiving a large loan AND the following:  raising taxes on everyone; cutting SS (which is paid for by every individual over the span of his/her working life); and selling off public infrastructure to mega corporations.  What do you think would happen?  I think our Gov't would cave in to the demands.

Those at the top of the hierarchy in the Euro-Zone, the IMF, Germany (the richest country in Europe), the European Central Bank, various hedge funds, etc. brought about the coup in Greece in order to continue Debt Bubble economies there and throughout the world.  Greece had been mounting what probably is the first democratic challenge in the modern world to the oligarchical, fiat money, central bank, debt bubble, false economic model, and wealth-transfer-to-the-rich SYSTEM.  It will be interesting to see what the Greek Parliament does now.

On Democracy Now tonight, it was pointed out that Goldman Sachs had been involved in a fraudulent way in getting Greece to qualify financially for the Euro-Zone in the first place.  Goldman apparently made a lot of money on the deal.  That was back when, of course, Greece had an entirely different government.  My point is that what's going on doesn't involve only the IMF, the Euro-Zone, the European Central Bank, and Greece.  Other mega banks are also a part of the whole scenario.

So, why should anyone care, especially anyone in the USA?  Here's why---

The situation in Greece is but one example of what's going on around the world relative to Neoliberalism.  Using various institutions (mega banks, other mega corporations, the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, the WTO, "Free Trade" Agreements, governments, and others) and rampant Edward Bernays style propaganda, Neoliberals are ensuring the continuation of the largest transfer of wealth in history from the poor & middle classes to the super-rich.   Many methods are used, not the least of which is to make certain that everyone everywhere is in massive debt.  [None of this is a "conspiracy"; most all of it is in plain sight.]

Sooner or later, the worldwide Debt Bubble (public & private) will burst.  History shows us that all financial/economic bubbles eventually do so.  I imagine that Oligarchs either have, or are working on, some new system of money and economics.  Once the crash occurs, though, it may take months or more to institute that new system.

Until We the People in every country stop putting faith in deceitful politicians, this all will continue.  That's not pessimism, it's reality.  That means all politicians in all the traditional, major political parties in every country.  They've had their shot for hundreds of years.  In general, they have failed to enable a just and prosperous existence for all of us on a long-term basis.  It continually amazes me that people support these same, old, hack political parties and their dismal records.  They all, and that includes the Democrats in this country, work for the Super-Rich.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well