Monday, July 6, 2009

Is It a Conspiracy?

Here's an email that I sent not long ago to several internet friends---

I hope you realize that the power structure I'm talking about is NOT a conspiracy. It's right out in the open. David Rockefeller described it publicly in the early '90s. It's an ever-changing bunch of super-rich Elites who happen to have mutual interests, common goals, and who work (both independently and cooperatively) to achieve a mutually desired result. The result they're after is the virtual elimination of worldwide poverty, disease, and war. According to Rockefeller, they believe that can be best achieved by virtually eliminating nations and by having regional govts run by unelected business managers, instead of by corrupt, elected politicians. Rockefeller said that the American people are now "sophisticated enough" to recognize the value of that setup. They firmly believe that they are doing good for the world. The fact that they are getting rich in the process is just a secondary benefit in their minds. Most of these people really are altruists, or at least, sincerely see themselves that way. The only organization that is common to all of them is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR); and I suspect that for some of them, membership in the CFR is viewed strictly and only as a requirement to get ahead both politically and financially. The Right Wing thinks only Lefties are members. What a joke---there are just as many Right Wingers in the CFR as there are Left Wingers.

This is not the Bilderberg Conspiracy, or any similar crap. These people Rockefeller is talking about are the movers & shakers of the financial and political worlds. They are not secretive; they're well-known and well-respected. They don't even attempt to hide their support of Globalization...because they believe it is a good thing, and will be the salvation of the world. And they don't care one whit whether their "partners" are Democrats or Republicans. Those labels are no longer important to the people who actually rule this nation.

As long as folks keep focusing their energy on Right Wing v. Left Wing, the Globalization of this country will continue unabated. Eventually the USA will exist in name only. Rights as we once knew them will be history. Economic prosperity will be diverted to poorer parts of the world...even more than it already is...a lot more.

Meanwhile, my Conservative friends (who feel exactly about the Left as you do about the Right) and folks like yourself will still be bad-mouthing each other, and thinking they know who the "enemy" is...who it is that's bad for this country. It's almost comical. Any national politician with any sense at all of his/her financial & political well-being has joined the Globalization bandwagon a long time ago. Right Wing, Left doesn't matter.

When your grandchildren are your age, most of the world will be better off economically than it is now, but your grandkids won't be if they still live in this country. That's not a Doomsday scenario...because most of the world will be better off. We currently have about 5% of the world's population, and consume almost 50% of its resources. The Rockefellers, et. al. are in the process of changing that. They're doing it openly...and no one is paying any attention. Instead, they're arguing about which faction of an outdated political spectrum is best for the USA. The whole thing is tragic.