Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lessons for Clinton, Bush, and Obama

1.  Exactly where in the Constitution (C.) does it give the 
Feds the power to use our military as the world's police 
force?  The War Powers Act does not supercede the C., 
nor does any other law.  The phrase, "Commander-in-
Chief" does not negate the rest of the C.  Using our blood 
& treasure to quell insurrections around the world may 
be commonly accepted in this country, but it's blatantly unconstitutional.

2.  RE:  the Justice Dept. memo authorizing the killing of 
an American citizen without a formal charge or a trial---  
The Constitution does permit "Letters of Marque and 
Reprisal" (assassination orders) against enemies, BUT 
There are good reasons for that, but that's another story.

3.  Fed Law and Judges often are used to subvert/pervert 
the Fed Justice System.  For a case in point, see the 
excellent documentary Bidder 70, the story of Tim DeChristopher's 
battle over an oil & gas leasing auction.  In the court trial, 
the Judge instructed the jury that they were not to judge 
the law...he would explain the law to them.  (All judges say 
that.)  Here's a quote from John Jay, the very first Chief 
Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court:  "The jury has the right 
to judge both the law and the facts in controversy.".  From
 Samuel Chase, Supreme Court Justice:  "The jury has the 
right to determine both the law and the facts.".  From 
Harlan F. Stone, the 12th Chief Justice of the Supreme 
Court:  "The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause
 which is to be decided.".  There are many others of a similar
 nature.  The last civilian bastion of freedom in this country is 
the right of a jury to nullify a bad law, but judges usually 
that jury nullification is illegal.  Let's not forget that we once 
had the following laws in this land:  The Fugitive Slave Act, 
The Indian Removal Act, and the Chinese Exclusion Act.

4.  Supporting the dictatorship in Egypt is as wrong as wrong 
can be.  That regime has demonstrated over and over that it 
does not believe in freedom.

5.  The Office of President has been converted, especially by
 Clinton, both Bush Boys, and Obama, into a virtual Kingship.  
The Head of our Gov't (whoever it is) now thinks that the
 Presidency is superior to Congress and the Courts.  In actual 
fact, it is co-equal.  Unfortunately, recent Presidents have by-
passed the other two branches with impunity.  [One 
Even though Congress was not in favor of it, Clinton sent 
Bosnia.  Another example:  in 1993, he gave Mexico $20
billion to bail out Wall Street banks... without the 
approval of Congress.]

6.  Iraq, again?  Don't we ever learn?  No matter what is 
as soon as we leave (again), the civil war will continue.  How 
many years have we "aided" the Iraq Gov't?  How many 
years have we "trained" the Iraq security forces?  How 
  I'm sorry, but enough is enough.  It should be obvious that 
there's another agenda going on.  I leave it to you to figure it 
Ours is a Gov't of "Enumerated Powers" [Google it]; if the 
power isn't listed, the Feds don't have it.  Furthermore, the
 Constitution enumerates...it does not "imply".  The 
Executive Branch is out-of-control...especially because of 
Clinton, Bush, and Obama, with their despotic concept of 
the "Unitary Executive".  The "updating" of the Constitution 
must be done by the formal Amendment process or the 
holding of a Constitutional Convention...no other way is legal.
If we're going to ignore the U.S. Constitution because the 
document is not convenient, then I suggest we just throw 
it out.  Ignoring it, as has been done for decades, has the
 same effect.
p.s.  I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, nor a so-called 
"Liberal" or so-called "Conservative".  Those outdated 
labels essentially are meaningless in this time of the 

Be Well