Wednesday, May 13, 2015

P.S. to "The Consummate Liar..."

About two minutes ago, I watched (on a replay of Obama on a News commentary show roundtable discussion---on Hardball on MSNBC---in which the President stated, "Everything I do has been focused on how do we make sure the Middle Class is getting a fair deal.  I would not be doing this Trade deal [the TPP] if I didn't think it was good for the Middle Class...".  Maybe he actually believes his own Propaganda; either that or he's lying again.  Obama's economic, monetary, fiscal, war, and Trade policies work largely against both the Middle Class and Industry.  He protects Wall Street at the expense of the Middle Class and Industry.  He's a big believer in Globalization and Financialization, both of which are destroying the Middle Class AND American Industry.

After the news clip, Democracy Now! went back to Lori Wallach, the premier expert on TPP at Trade Watch and in my view, a genuine American hero.  Obama says Elizabeth Warren is "wrong" on the TPP.  In great detail, Ms. Wallach laid out precisely why it's Obama who is wrong...dead wrong.  See the Democracy Now newscast for Wednesday, May 13, 2015.  The Corporatist Obama again is trying to sell the American People a load of crap.

The MSNBC video clip wound up with Obama saying, "If you look at the facts, they [the TPP critics] are wrong.".  Fine, Mr. President... why don't you show us the facts?  We can depend only on WikiLeaks to see any of the TPP Agreement.  What are you trying to hide?  And don't give us the weak cop-out that releasing the content will compromise negotiations.  That's BS... besides, even if it's true, we don't care.  Furthermore, we don't want the TPP in any shape or form.

Fairly recent History has revealed that every single "Free Trade" Agreement since the early '90s (including the WTO abomination) has been a disaster for Industry and the Middle Class in this country.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

The Consummate Liar Strikes Again

Obama's lies have become so blatant that even a person who is totally apathetic and ignorant of politics must be able to detect them... at least, I would think so.  Following are just a few of his latest attempts at deception.  Feel free to laugh, cry, or sigh... or cuss.

1.  Regarding the Obama-Osama story, the Administration claims there are too many assertions by Hersh to respond to any of them.  What a cop-out.  So much for accountability.  Obama, through spokesmen, claims the whole Hersh story is false; we are supposed to simply accept their word.  Personally, given the President's record, I would believe Sy Hersh over Barack Obama any day of the century.

2.  Regarding his support for the TPP---
Obama claims he fought hard for banking regulations after the 2008 Crisis, so "Why would I sign something that rolls back those protections?".  His implication is that parts of the TPP do not roll back protections against crooked mega bankers.  That's a bald-faced lie.  In addition, the regulations he supported back when were nothing but window-dressing.  Finally, he signed the fairly recent omnibus spending bill that included an Amendment written by Citi-Group lobbyists which did roll back the paltry protections of Dodd-Frank.  Obama must believe that we have the shortest memories in the history of Humanity... or, he simply doesn't give a damn about what we think... or???

3.  Obama continues to claim that NSA dragnet, bulk collection of our records (phone, email, other internet use, credit cards) is legal.  Just the other day, a Fed Appeals Court vigorously disagreed and called the bulk collection "unprecedented and unwarranted".  The Court went on to say that the Executive Branch doesn't even pretend that such collection is related to any "specific, defined inquiry".  All that makes the whole business a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment.  Given his Constitutional Law education, Obama must know that.

4.  Obama lies by omission.  Not long ago, he stated that "No one is listening to your phone calls.".  He left out this:  one of the Snowden documents revealed that calls are being recorded automatically, and that the NSA has the technology to enable a key-word search and then generate a transcript of the conversation.  All of this is done by high-speed computers because of the billions of calls involved.  So, the end result is the same as if someone were listening to your calls.  Even if there were no key-word searches or transcripts, simply recording the numbers of whom we call (without a specific reason or specific warrant to do so) is plainly unconstitutional.  Read the Fourth Amendment:  the word "effects" surely includes our records.  Obama must know that.
Yes, other Presidents have lied and violated the Constitution.  That's no legitimate excuse for the current President to do the same.  Democrats and Republicans (at the highest levels) both appear to believe that the U.S. Constitution is a Menu... just pick out what you like and discard the rest.  These same Democrats and Republicans appear to believe in Legislative Absolutism, a term coined by a Supreme Court Justice, Harlan, in 1901.  The term means passing laws that violate the Supreme Law of the Land... such as the misnamed PATRIOT Act.  This will all continue until We the People peacefully put a stop to it.

Not just my opinion.  Happy Trails