Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Big Problem is Not Immigrants, or Black People, or...

Poor People, or Any Minority, or Even "Terrorists".  Our biggest problem is Oligarchs and/or Plutocrats.  They promote and practice the politics of War, the economics of NeoFeudalism, and the governing of Fascism.  If you want to send them a peaceful, legal, and effective message, don't vote at the national level in November.  That's the most powerful message you can send.  If you simply must vote, then vote for a worthy second Party; Republicans + Democrats are the first Party.  At the highest levels, they are Neoliberal Corporatists.  They're on the same Team...and it's not yours.

On a somewhat different note, notice how the Corporate Media are straining to connect the mass murdering, mentally ill guy in Nice, France to extremist Muslim "terrorism".  Here's the definition of that word from Webster's Dictionary:  "the unlawful use or threat of violence especially against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion."  In the case of extremist "jihadists" (a tiny minority of Muslims), I suppose we should throw in "religiously motivated" as well as "politically motivated".  From what has been in the news thus far (& I haven't yet seen tonight's news), it's an incredible stretch to believe that the depressed, violent, crazy guy---those terms are from his family---driving that truck was either politically or religiously motivated.  But you see, the Oligarchy needs that connection.  Without it, the War Propaganda doesn't work as well.

On another different note, and using the reasoning of those who favor stricter "gun control" laws, I propose a ban on "Assault Trucks".  Obviously, they can be used for mass murder...and it's fairly easy to gain access to one.  At the very least, we should institute stricter "background checks" for those wanting a truck driving license...and maybe even strict checks for people who buy gasoline, which could be considered the "ammunition" or "gun powder" of a truck.  While we're at it, perhaps we should ban knives, swords, baseball bats, dynamite, short clubs of any type, chemical acid, rat poison, smaller trucks, cars, chlorine gas, sodium hydroxide (found in drain cleaners), gun powder, denatured alcohol, etc.  They all are fairly easy to obtain...and could be used to wreak havoc on the public.  [Criminals of any kind don't care, or worry, about bans or background checks.  They'll find a way around them.  Also, keep this in mind:  there are lots of guns in Canada, but those folks don't have the gun violence problem to any degree close to that in the USA.  An important question is:  why is that the case?]

On a more serious note, sincere condolences to the people in Nice...and everywhere there are innocent victims, whether they are victims of unconstitutional drone attacks, or of temporarily insane mass murderers, or of medieval, backward, indoctrinated terrorists.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well