Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Genuine Conservative

Paul Craig Roberts was in the Reagan Administration. He has written for both National Review and the Wall Street Journal. As I once was, he still is a Russell Kirk-Barry Goldwater Conservative...a genuine Conservative. [Russell Kirk was the Founder of the modern American Conservative Movement, in the '50s. http://www.kirkcenter.org/kirkbio.html ] In my opinion, if a "Conservative" of today has not read The Conservative Mind, (1953) by Kirk, that person is not philosophically rooted in Conservatism.

The phony NeoCons began their movement in the '70s, in obscure journals; by the end of the '80s, they were well-entrenched in think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, and launched their takeover of the Conservative Movement. By the early to mid-'90s, they claimed to be the representatives of Conservatism. For some odd reason, the American people bought it. Men like William F. Buckley, Jr. were marginalized by the NeoCons, and labeled "Paleo-Conservatives"---a derogatory term invented by the NeoCons, whose ultimate goal is an American Empire, somewhat like the old Roman Empire. That's when I left the Conservative Movement and became a Libertarian.

Here's what a genuine Conservative thinks of Bush-Cheney, the Iraq War, pre-emptive wars, the so-called "War on Terror", etc.--- (The last link is devastating...it has to do with the war in Georgia.)


http://www.counterpunch.org/roberts08152008.html (scroll down a bit)

The so-called "Conservative" political pundits of today are nothing but shills for the phony NeoCons. True Conservatism has been relegated to the back of the bus. [I keep referring to NeoCons as "phony" because, by their own admission, they are Progressives disgruntled with the lack of aggressive military policy on/by the Left. That's the only thing about which they are disgruntled with concerning the Left. Simply put, they are not Conservatives of any kind.]

Do not think for a moment that presently, with Obama, the NeoCons are out of the picture. They are still as thick as flies and plying their trade in DC. Some are in the Obama Administration...example: Dennis Ross.

All hail the American Empire.

Wake up, Amerika.