Wednesday, February 10, 2016

May All Fanatic Tribalism Evaporate

Below is my response (modified just a bit) to a Forwarded email received from a dear friend.  That email contained a link to a YouTube clip of a speech by a Swiss Member of Parliament.  In that speech, the young man was exhorting his colleagues to "stand up" against the invasion of Europe by Islamists.  One could infer from the email that the same should apply to those of us in the USA.  The theme was almost entirely immigration, not terrorism.  My response is about the USA.
Europeans & Americans need to understand a simple fact of demographics.  This speaker hit the nail on the head when he described our cultures as "child-poor".  It's a matter of BIRTH-RATE.  I don't worry too much about the coming majority of either Middle-Easterners of the Islam persuasion OR of Spanish-speaking Catholic Americans because that is inevitable.  The ones already here legally will be a majority of our population in a few to several generations simply because they reproduce a gazillion times faster than Anglo-Saxons (in general).  There is no "solution" to that.  They will rule because of democracy and demography.

The Right Wing here, in particular, screeches on & on about immigration, Islam, Mexicans (even though most illegals now come from Central American countries, not Mexico), etc.  What they apparently don't realize is that the ones here legally already have assured the outcome of the demographic process---they will be the majority of the population in the not-so-distant future...legally.  I figure it's not much use to get all upset about something that no one can do a damned thing about.  Our descendants will be the new minority...that's inevitable.  American culture will change even more than it already has.  Nothing can be done about least, nothing civil, ethical, legal, or moral.  Anything else is unthinkable and indefensible.  [Deporting 11 million people, building a border wall, etc. will not stop the coming change.  That change will come from the people already here legally.]

The good news is that throughout our history minorities almost always have managed to hang onto their cultures...even though each one is no longer (or never was) dominant in the country.  It's not the end of the world, but America will never be the same as what we knew.

Trump & people like him are pandering to Americans' fear, but this is not a question of illegal immigration or the Barbary Pirate Horde.  It's a matter of the birth-rates of those already here legally.  NOTHING can be done about that.  Our descendants will have to adapt...or move to New Zealand.  [They don't allow too many to emigrate from wherever to their land.]  ☺
We humans like to think that nowadays we're very advanced, intelligent, and sophisticated.  Too often the truth is that we're still stuck in Tribalism, and sometimes, fanatic Tribalism.  Too often each "tribe" is utterly convinced that only it is completely in the "Right"; only it is justified in its actions.  That doesn't say much for us as a species.  "When will we ever learn?", eh, Pete?

Not only my opinion.  Be Well