Saturday, May 26, 2018

"In the Year 2525"

In 1969, a song came out by the duo Zager & Evans under the title "In the Year 2525".  All these years later, I see humanity going pretty much right where the song predicted.  We humans just can't seem to live and let live; plus, we're being sucked into the abyss of technology at a breath-taking pace.  It's de-humanizing all of us.  

Now it's almost nothing for a President to talk about nuking 25 million if they're ants.  I find it not only sad & tragic, but also puzzling...and in a devastating way, comical.  As a species, our ignorance truly is beyond the pale.  Unfortunately, and despite popular opinion here to the contrary, I believe Americans are the worst of the bunch.  Our hubris on the world stage is absolutely matter which political Party is in power.  We are so "holier-than-thou" that it boggles the mind.  It's no wonder to me that 80% of the world's people think that the greatest threat to Peace is our Fed Gov't.  That poll was taken a few years ago; now the number is probably up to 90% or more.  My main solace in all that's going on today is that in 10,000 years none of it will matter one whit.

Nevertheless, Life really is fascinating in these weird times.  ☺

Long ago, a Zen Master said, "Once you understand the true nature of Reality, the only thing left to do is to have a good belly-laugh.".  I suspect that he was right.

p.s.  "I feel much better now that I've given up hope."   ~Woody Allen  [That's funny!]
Bottom line:  enjoy Life; it's short.  We all know that, but on a daily basis I think we tend to forget it.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The BIG Lie

About a month or two ago, Trump & Crew, Big Biz, & the Corporate Media claimed that one of the main reasons our economy is "recovering" was this:  wages have increased 2.9% (I forget over what time span).  Here's what they left out--- price inflation is now at about 2.4%...and rising.  

In addition, the Bond Market is collapsing, the Stock Market is still (despite corrections) overvalued partly or mostly because Corps. are buying back their own stock (thus falsely inflating its value), Debt is increasing (our Public Debt is now well over $21 trillion & rising rapidly, while total public & private USA Debt is a bit over $70 trillion), there are 27 million part-time workers in the USA, half of all the workers here make less than $32K per year, the IMF has launched a 10-year program to replace the Dollar as the world's reserve currency, housing rentals are sky-high, the home-owner Housing Market is in a giant Bubble, and Mega Banks continue to gamble with bizarre financial derivatives...thus continuing the Casino Capitalism that resulted in the 2008 Crash.  Meanwhile, Trump & Crew are busily reducing regulations...especially those on the Financial Sector.

The next Crash---meaning, the next transfer of wealth to the top echelon of the Upper Crust---is both overdue and unavoidable.  Ever since the 1973-1975 Recession, we've had an economic/financial Crash every 7-12 years.  The next one looks to be larger than any since (& including) '73-'75.  There's no reason at all to believe that the Boom-Bust Cycle is suddenly going to stop.  There are many reasons to believe that the next Crash will be the worst in at least the last 45 years. 

Be prepared.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well