Friday, July 1, 2016

Hedge Funds Win, Puerto Rico Loses

The Corporatist Obama signed into Law the Puerto Rico Control Board legislation.  He always looks out for the welfare of his primary constituency...Wall Street & the Financial Sector.

Hey, Hedge Funds, here's a prime rule of genuine Capitalism:  if you make a good investment, you profit; if you make a bad investment, one that doesn't turn out well, you lose.  You claim to be capitalists, so live accordingly.  Here's a rule from common sense:  a loan that can't be repaid, won't be.

Of course, the Vulture Funds know all that.  That's why they practice and love State Capitalism and Crony Capitalism.  That allows them to get public infrastructure and other public resources privatized.  That allows them to raise fees and rob the public even more.  It also allows them to get "austerity" implemented, so pensions, health care benefits, and public services get cut (especially services to the poor)... so their bad investment losses get covered by State actions.  In a real sense, the Vultures get "Bailed-In"... with the crucial help of their political Cronies, and at the expense of the People.

All the above is one way that Neoliberalism operates.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Monday, June 27, 2016

Here's Why Many People Don't Seem to Get It

Below is an email I just now sent to family and friends.  It has been edited a tiny bit.

Here's why many Americans seemingly don't grasp the dire economic straits that exist today...not only here, but worldwide.  This piece really nails it.  In the 1st half, the concept of "averages" and the "hollowing out" of the Middle Class; in the 2nd half (starting about 13:00), how the System is "liquidating" all the gains since WW II, why mathematicians would laugh some economists right out of the room, and the fact that the Bond Market is much more important than the Stock Market.

The obvious is stated clearly, & the style, facts, and pace produce many huge laughs...the situation is both comical & tragic.  For those who don't know, Max Keiser was a stock broker for many years before becoming a pundit.  He's a strong Capitalist, but abhors Crony Capitalism and Neoliberalism.  [The latter two are plundering the world, & it's right in plain sight.  Most high-level politicians in America & much of the developed world are Crony Capitalists & Neoliberals.  Their overall records leave no doubt of that.] 

Not only my opinion.  Be Well