Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ron Paul Wins Again

The second Republican debate is over. Early poll results show that Dr. Paul again is the most popular candidate.

He was the only one to discuss CIA-generated "blowback" in relation to 9-11, and was right on target. The G-man (Giuliani) wanted him to take back his statement about the results of an interventionist foreign policy, but Paul stood firm. Paul asked how we would feel if China had military bases here. He pointed out that the '79 Iran hostage crisis was a direct result of us installing the Shah in the '50s [BY OVERTHROWING a democratically elected government].

Now watch the Corporate Media characterize Paul as some kind of nut. They can't ignore his popularity anymore, so they'll try a different tactic---smear him...and the ignorant Republican base will buy it.

The Corporatocracy simply will NOT allow him to get the Republican nomination.

Write-in Ron Paul in 2008.