Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Few Examples of "Government-Speak"

To "annex" or "annexation" (as in the annexation of Hawaii)---  means to steal  land from indigenous people by armed force, intimidation, or both.

"Enhanced interrogation techniques"---  means torture.

"Extraordinary rendition"---  means the clandestine kidnapping of suspects, with no regard for due process, and then rendering them overseas for enhanced interrogation techniques.

"Federal Reserve Bank"---  means a cabal of privately owned banks that, by means of Legislative Absolutism via their political cronies, has co-opted the Constitutional duty of Congress to regulate the value of our money.  It exists because of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, a "law" which amended the Constitution without doing so formally.  In other words, it took precedence over the Supreme Law of the Land.  Quite a trick.  All of this has enriched the owners of these banks beyond belief, never mind devaluing the dollar down to almost nothing.

Globalization---  means the concentration of economic power into the hands of the CEOs of mega transnational corporations.  This is being accomplished by a variety of means, not the least of which are so-called "Free Trade Agreements" (which have nothing at all to do with Free Trade).  These elites of mega corporations believe they are above all nations---way above.

"Manifest Destiny" (our government's excuse for annexation)---  means that we're so honorable and special that we can pretty much do as we please.  [The concept mostly applies to our past, especially when our ancestors annexed the territories of American Indians and Mexicans---from sea to shining sea.]

"War on Drugs"---  means a variety of methods resulting in the control of citizens, the militarizing of police, and the expansion of the prison "industry".  America's drug of choice, alcohol (which by far causes more human damage, abuse, & grief than all the "illegal" drugs combined), remains largely outside of this sphere.

"War on Terror"---  means perpetual war, a Machiavellian method of controlling citizens.  Lately the politicians have stopped using the term, but they continue both the "war" and the propaganda promoting the "War on Terror" (perpetual war).

A few of the above terms did not exist when Reagan and Bush I were President.  [For example, extraordinary rendition began under Clinton.]  Other than those exceptions, all recent American Presidents---including Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama---supported/support and promoted/promote every Government-Speak term listed.  It's difficult to know how many of us as individual American citizens support any or all of them.  All I know for certain is that I don't support or believe in any of them.