Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nary a Peep From NBC News

First I watched the news coverage of Tuesday's NY Primary on Democracy Now!, probably the premier non-corporate media news source.  As reported by them--- 125,000 registered voters had been purged from the official voter lists in the Bronx alone.  No one yet knows why.  Those folks went to the polls and were told they couldn't vote.  On top of that, there was a degree of chaos at many voting sites in NY--- machines weren't working, the places opened late, and in some cases, people were told to go elsewhere.

Then I watched the Primary coverage on one of the Corporate Media news sites, NBC.  There was not a single word about the purging of voters or any of the other problems described above.  Nary a word.

In addition to all the above, we have the following.

1.  The 2007 black box voting documentary, Hacking Democracy, by HBO---  Query:  are Diebold machines still being used?  What safeguards have been instituted to protect against voting machines being hacked?  Any at all?

2.  Closed primaries---  I think about half the States have those.  That means Independents, who make up 42% of the USA electorate, must change their affiliation in order to vote.  This time around in NY State, they had to make the change in October of last year.  That's not right.  All registered voters should be able to vote in any damned primary they choose.

3.  Superdelegates---  The opposite of democracy in action...enough said.

4.  One candidate wins a primary by a HUGE margin, but the delegates are split evenly...sometimes.  Why?

5.  A monstrously inadequate number of polling places are found in many areas.  People have stood in line for 4-5 hours in order to vote.  That situation is asinine...something is fishy in officialdom.  Even if I weren't boycotting national elections, I wouldn't stand in line for more than 30 minutes.  Not too many years ago, the whole process took about 15 minutes.
That all reinforces my belief that the whole election process in this great Land is a Rigged Game.  As I said in a fairly recent previous post, you rarely ever win a rigged game.  Don't play.  [By the way, only 33% of eligible voters participated in the voting Tuesday in NYC.  Imagine the force of the message that would be sent to the Oligarchs if, on a national scale, that number was only two percent.  I suspect there would be many frantic meetings of the Super-Rich control freaks all over the country.  The Edward Bernays style Propaganda would have to be altered drastically.  I imagine commissions would be formed to look into "the problem", and reform might even happen.  In any case, Oligarchs might begin to wonder if their Power and Control are slipping.  Hey, it would be a start.  As things stand now, We the "Little People" are pretty much shafted.  SSDD.]

Not only my opinion.  Be Well