Saturday, November 2, 2013

The New World Order...Again

Below is a comment I left on, in response to a brief comment in the Evening News by John Miller about the New World Order.  The recent LAX shooter had yelled out something about the NWO, and analyst Miller stated something to the effect that "conspiracy theorists" believed in the same and in "black helicopters" and the like.  That's the background for this response of mine---
[For this article, I've expanded the original comment a bit; additions are in brackets.]

For Mr. Miller---RE: the New World Order---

1. You may or may not know, but former President Bush (Sr.) told us that we could look forward to a "New World Order". It's not a conspiracy theory.

2. Forget the "black helicopters"...I suspect that very few believe in that scenario. The one of which Mr. Bush spoke is much worse...and again, it's NOT a conspiracy. It's right out in the open.

3. The actual New World Order involves the creation (ongoing as we speak) of a world economic structure run by transnational, mega corporations (including mega banks). [The results already are evident: neocolonialism in the Southern Hemisphere; manufacturing & jobs beginning to disappear in the Northern Hemisphere; Financialization (nothing but paper) replacing productive work; competition shrinking; and an exponential transfer of wealth from the Middle Class to the 1% upper crust.  That's the real NWO.] Again, it's out in the open for all to see.

4. As David Rockefeller stated publicly in 1991 (paraphrased due to memory): "Surely it is preferable to have the world run by [business] elites than by nations and the corrupt politicians of the past."...that's the goal of the Corporatocracy...and it's not a conspiracy. The Oligarchy believes it's simply good least, that's my opinion of what they believe.

5. The Corporate Media love to conflate these two different New World Orders, and call the whole mess a "conspiracy theory". That phrase is used by Oligarchs to squash serious discussion of controversial subjects. But in the last several years or so, we commoners (I believe) have seen through that ploy. The propaganda won't work anymore. More and more, people are realizing that NAFTA, CAFTA, the WTO, the IMF, the World Bank, [Credit Default Swaps, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Financialization,] etc. are not good for not only the USA, but the world as well.

6. Thus, my suggestion is for the Media to stop using that tired phrase ["conspiracy theory"]. Your credibility is at stake. [It's already in the toilet, but perhaps if you stop, then maybe you'll get some credibility back.] We just don't believe it anymore.

Just my opinion.