Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Nonresponsive Government

Please view the Petitions for Redress of Grievances at (left side of page); they were signed by over 1,700 concerned citizens and formally presented to various branches of the Fed Govt over a period of a few years. No one from the Government has responded to any of them. Other Petitions have been submitted by various people (including this writer) with no responses. [I did receive ONE response from a member of Congress, but it was not relevant--- the response completely avoided all legitimate questions.]

Right now in Plainfield, NH, Ed and Elaine Brown virtually are under siege by U.S. Marshalls. In a tax trial during which they were not allowed to submit relevant Supreme Court case rulings or revealing portions of USC Title 26, Subtitle A, Chapter 1 (the Income Tax), they were convicted of tax evasion. They are in their home and have vowed resistance to being arrested.

What most people don't know, because the Corporate Media edit it out (if they cover the case at all), is that the Browns began writing the IRS in 1994---asking legitimate questions about the Tax Code---and continued for two years...BEFORE they began not paying taxes in 1996. They also cited relevant Supreme Court cases in their letters to the IRS, asking more questions about the Tax Code vis-a-vis the Court rulings. Their questions were never answered. The government was nonresponsive. For twelve years the government virtually ignored the Browns---ten of those years they did not pay taxes.

In 1774, our Founders established a precedent for withholding monies from a government that does not answer legitimate Petitions. Nonresponsive governments display arrogance, and should not receive any monies due---this according to our Founders. Furthermore, Jefferson himself stated that if a government ignores pleadings from the People regarding injustices, it is the duty of the People "to alter or abolish that government".

The Petitions at deal with Constitutional torts committed by our government in the areas of: the tax clauses, the war clauses, the Fourth Amendment, the money clauses, and other areas such as immigration. These Petitions are meticulous in their formats and legitimacy. By ignoring them, the Fed Govt displays not only hubris, but disdain for We the People as well. Meanwhile, the Constitution is being abrogated...again.

Many people are fed up with this situation. It is time to boycott the Fed Govt and its lap dogs, the Corporate Media and the large multi-national corporations, whenever possible. EXAMPLE: ABC, NBC, & CBS already are concerned that---according to their own studies---they have lost 2.5 million TV viewers over a period of a year or so. Let's make that five million...or more. Commercial network TV is 90% drivel anyway. EXAMPLE: Boycott Exxon-Mobil, the largest oil company in the world---and the one with the most obscene profits. EXAMPLE: Bombard Congress with emails, phone calls, or letters demanding the repeal of the REAL ID Act, which goes into effect in May, 2008. [See: ...scroll down, almost to the bottom.] Electronic tagging should be for animals, not humans. Besides, the Fed Govt has no Constitutional authority to have anything at all to do with citizen ID.