Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lessons From the Tragic/Comic Ryan-Trump Reality Show

Lessons The Don should have learned---
1.  He's not the big, bad, tough deal maker he thinks he is.
2.  Talking about riding a bronc and doing it are two different things.
3.  Like everyone else, sometimes he's a failure at executing a task.
4.  Many people don't respond well to bullying and/or ultimatums.
5.  Politics can be complicated.
6.  He's not the Boss of the Congress.
7.  It takes time to craft a decent piece of legislation.
8.  Running the Executive Branch is not the same as running a corporation.
9.  He has no popular mandate.
10.  He doesn't know as much as he says he does.

Lessons We the People (especially Trump supporters) should have learned---
1.  All ten points above, plus...
2.  The Don is in over his head.
3.  For the most part, he's full of hot air.
4.  He's not an effective politician, not even an effective rebel politician.
5.  His style & manner do not command respect.
6.  He displays either ignorance or naivete regarding crucial subjects/topics.
7.  When he says things such as, "Nobody knew that healthcare is so complicated...", that suggests he's not fit to be President.
8.  He makes promises he can't keep...and he knows that.
9.  He'll be a disaster on the international stage.
10.  He's not a genuine Populist.
With The Don & his Crew in office, we're all in deep trouble...nearly everyone in the entire world.  In fact, the most recent election cycle has demonstrated that the so-called Two-Party System in USA politics (which is NOT mandated in the U.S. Constitution or anywhere else) is working against common people and fostering Elitism.  In other words, this problem is way beyond just Trump.  Until that System is peacefully changed, our country will continue to experience SSDD... in politics, economics, finance, and almost all social matters.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well