Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Randy Weaver Joins the Browns

Please see: http://questforfairtrialinconcordnh.blogspot.com/ ...scroll down a bit.

Remember Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge fame? Government agents killed his son, and murdered (there's no other word for it) his unarmed wife while she was holding a baby. Agents also shot Weaver in the back...actually, in the shoulder from the back. He is now in New Hampshire at the home of Ed & Elaine Brown. [See my post, "A Nonresponsive Government", for a little background on the Browns.]

Weaver hopes to diffuse the situation at the Browns' home, and bring it to national attention before we have another Ruby Ridge. We wish them all the very best.

That situation could be ended peacefully if the Govt representatives would do ONE SIMPLE THING. Just show Ed & Elaine (and all of us) specifically where in USC Title 26---NOT in CFR Title 26, which was written by the IRS, and is a regulation, not a statute---the average American INDIVIDUAL is liable for a tax on his/her income. Ed has said repeatedly that if they will show him the law, he will pay the tax.

That's ALL the Govt has to do...why won't they? [Could it be because the cited law IS Constitutional precisely because nowhere does it levy such a tax?]

Come on, Govt...pony up. Just show me the LAW (not the regulation).