Sunday, January 18, 2009

"They" Should Abolish the IRS, and...

just print more money. I ran into a guy in town who said that very thing to me. He had noticed the messages on my cargo van (that are of a Libertarian nature), and so struck up a conversation. I laughed at his comment and replied, "Yeah, out of thin air, like they do now."
He replied, "I'm serious."

I thought about his comments later, and decided that maybe he's onto something. This government of ours long ago abandoned the principles of the Austrian School of Economics, and instead, embraced Keynesian economic thought. The DC dopes do not care one whit that when they increase deficit spending or print money out of thin air, they further devalue the dollar. So, given that philosophy, what's the difference? Just abolish the IRS and print more money.

They don't need the IRS; all they need is a printing press! At least, according to their economic philosophy, that's all they need.

Do a little research when you have time and discover what it is, according to the Constitution, that constitutes "money" in this country. Then realize that the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, has never been amended to accommodate what passes for "money" today. That's because it is much easier to pass a LAW...even if it's unconstitutional...than it is to amend the Constitution. Plus, despite protestations to the contrary, most of our "representatives" in DC consider the Constitution to be an anachronism. They can't be bothered to amend it.