Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Bespoke Tranche Opportunity"

Crazy title, eh?  That's because devious, "legal" criminals came up with it...meaning, Wall Street Bankers.  As the beloved Yogi Berra once said, "It's deja vu all over again.".  Bespoke Tranche Opportunity is another bizarre financial derivative.  Financial derivatives... you know, those invented instruments that played a huge role in the 2008 Crisis.  If you've seen the popular, dynamite movie, The Big Short (based on the true story of Wall Street's role in that Crisis), then you may recall the Bespoke name at the very end of the film.  Derivatives produce nothing...except money for Wall Street insiders; they contribute to our economy not one bit.

So, after all the braying rhetoric from politicians (both Democrats & Republicans) about how they would rein in the Mega Banks & Mega Hedge Funds, the same thing is happening again.  The same Crisis Path began shortly after 2008.  This is why many economists and monetary theorists (all across the political spectrum) are predicting another Crash anytime within a year or two.  Only this time, they say, it will be much worse.

The Captains of Financialization are waging a war on workers, industry, and the Middle Class.  The Money Men & Women are winning that war.  The objective is to siphon wealth from industry, jobs, & workers straight into the nonproductive pool of mega, out-of-control Finance.  The overall goal is to convert Free Market Capitalism into Crony Capitalism.  Voila---they've succeeded!  Essentially, there is no Free Market Capitalism in the USA anymore...and that has been true for quite awhile.  The same is true for the rest of the world.  The result eventually will be NeoFeudalism across the globe.

Years & years ago when the Super-Rich made millions and millions of dollars, they would pump a significant portion of it back into American industry...thus creating jobs, good-paying jobs.  Now that money is sunk into derivative deals, foreign currency deals, foreign bond deals, and other ventures that do nothing for the American economy.  Surely even the most uninformed citizen is aware of that.  Surely that citizen is aware that millions of jobs have been shipped offshore or South.  [The TPP, supported by both Obama & McConnell, will make that worse...much worse.]  Surely that citizen is aware that most all politicians have promoted & supported this Oligarchical System.  Surely that citizen is aware that those politicians, the Fed Reserve, and the Captains of Financialization are in collusion.  For the most part, it's all in plain sight.  One has to do very, very little digging to see it.  People such as David Stockman, Paul Craig Roberts, Michael Hudson, Thom Hartmann, William K. Black, James Rickards, Ellen Brown, etc. have pointed it out (with supporting documentation) over & over & over.

Meanwhile, USA voters & campaigning politicians debate about social Hot Button issues.  Common sense and Logic tell me that the Financialization of our economy DWARFS all those Hot Button issues combined in terms of importance to our well-being.  We the People are being distracted & misdirected by Propaganda from the Neoliberal politicians (Democrats & Republicans) so that we will ignore (or be unaware of) the greatest HEIST in all of History... all over again.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well