Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ron Paul vs. the Corporatocracy

Congressman Ron Paul, a Libertarian Republican from Texas, was the most popular candidate in the first Republican any measure. The post-debate MSNBC poll showed him to be head and shoulders above all other nine candidates, especially the so-called "front-runners". Dr. Paul, a long-time physician, made his position clear relative to limiting government and strictly adhering to the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

In the days since the debate, the Corporate Media (homogenized beyond belief) have continued the myth that McCain, Romney, and the G-man are the front-runners. Paul is being marginalized at best, ignored at worst. McCain and the G-man, according to the MSNBC poll (which had almost 80,000 participants, though not a "scientific" poll), both lost about half of their pre-debate popularity. Romney did a little better, but did not fare nearly as well as Paul.

The Corporatocracy has started its campaign to keep Ron Paul out of the minds of the voters. I believe that they will be successful. The Elites' influence is extending even to the internet. I saw three reports today that was blocking all postings having to do with Dr. Paul.

In the event that the corporate-government-banking cabal is successful in squashing Paul's nomination (and I believe that they will be), We the People who believe in a Constitutional Republic must respond by obtaining a paper ballot and writing-in Ron Paul for President in 2008. In most areas of the country now, a person can request a paper absentee ballot even if you are not going to be out-of-town on election day. Please do it.

In the meantime, whenever possible, boycott the Corporatocracy. The major TV networks (ABC, CBS, & NBC) already are concerned that according to their own studies, they recently have lost about 2.5 million viewers. Let's make that five million...or more. Commercial, network TV is 90% drivel anyway. Another possible boycott: there already is an email campaign to bring down gas prices by boycotting ONE company---Exxon-Mobil. Just buy your gasoline at another station. There are plenty of things that we can do...if we only would.

Write-in Ron Paul in 2008!

Boycott the Corporatocracy whenever possible!