Friday, May 30, 2014

John Kerry Should "Man Up"

Very recently, John Kerry stated publicly that Edward Snowden should "man up", come back to the U.S., and face the charges against him.  I doubt it, but perhaps Secretary Kerry is unaware of the common knowledge that the U.S. Fed Gov't Justice System is almost completely broken.  It's overwhelmed, often corrupt, often vicious and unfair, and just about totally political.  It has very little to do with justice.  Furthermore, Mr. Kerry, making such a statement as a representative of the highest levels of our Gov't, displays the height of hypocrisy.

I suggest that Secretary Kerry man up and admit the following.
1.  The mass surveillance "Program" of the NSA not only violates the Constitution, but also any concept of common decency.
2.  "The Program" of the NSA is used for non-terrorist related activities, such as monitoring economic meetings of our allies.
3.  The so-called "FISA Court" is a travesty.  It's nothing but a rubber stamp for an out-of-control Executive matter who is in the Oval Office.
4.  No law in this country supercedes the U.S. Constitution.  Politicians, including Mr. Kerry, need to cease citing the War Powers Act, FISA, the so-called PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, etc. as justifications for blatantly unconstitutional actions by the Feds.
5.  The political Game in the USA is completely rigged.
6.  The Fed Gov't has little to no interest in helping to bring about Peace in the Middle East.  [I covered the reasons why in a previous post.]
7.  The invasion of Iraq was perhaps the greatest war crime in recent history.  At the very least, it was utterly unconstitutional.  Anyone who can read and has an I.Q. of at least 100 knows that.
8.  Recently released Snowden documents reveal that the NSA trained operatives to "collect it all"--- all the digital data it could get on as many people as possible...terrorist suspect or not.
9.  At the highest levels, representatives of our Fed Gov't work for the Oligarchy, and it's NOT a "conspiracy"'s right out in plain sight.
10.  No matter who is in office, the Executive Branch (as well as Congress) protects mega bankers from criminal prosecution.
11.  Obama's recent pronouncement at West Point that the U.S. Gov't will now "act unilaterally" when it sees fit most likely will result in future violations of International Law.  [This is somewhat akin to the Bush-Cheney-John Yoo-Wolfowitz concept of a "Unitary Presidency"...except that this is much worse.]
12.  No matter who is in office, Edward Bernays style Propaganda is used by the highest levels of the Fed Gov't to mold the public mind.
And finally, the Oligarchy---including its wholly owned subsidiary, the Fed Gov't---is beginning to worry because We the People often no longer buy into their load of crap.  People not corrupted by politics are beginning to organize around just causes and to peacefully resist the propaganda and soft despotism of the central government.

If anyone should man up, Mr. Kerry, it is you.

Partly just my opinion.  Happy Trails