Monday, February 25, 2008

Why McCain Might Win in November

Some Democrats think that their Party has a lock on the upcoming election.

Not that I want him to, but the Bomb-Bomb-Iran Man has a good chance of winning the Presidency. Here's why---
1. Nader.
2. The Dems talked big prior to last Nov, got elected, and did very little. Plus, they could have stopped the war funding by not proposing ANY funding bill. (There was enough $$$ in the pipeline to bring the troops home safely and quickly.) Many people have not forgotten that. The Dems appear to be big talkers, not big doers. I won't even mention the failure to ________ Bush.
3. Believe it or not, many people think 100-More-Years-in-Iraq McCain is a Moderate. (Yes, unfortunately it's true...that's what they think.)
4. Hillary is despised by a huge number of voters.
5. This is still a racist some degree or another.
6. Some people PREFER a President of one Party and a Congress of the other Party.
7. Illegal immigration is a HUGE issue. McCain isn't much tougher on it than the Dems, but he is a bit.
8. Some Evangelicals are fed up with the GOP, but most would prefer any Repub to any Dem.
9. The Machiavellian use of FEAR is a powerful tool, especially in a country where voters apparently have trouble reasoning.

Prediction: the election will be no cake walk for the Dems.

They should have been promoting Ron Paul behind the scenes. Then they would be guaranteed a victory, given the tastes of 90% of the American electorate.