Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Biggest Foreign Enemy of the USA

This enemy dwarfs all other threats to our beloved country, and for that matter, the world.  Our Neoliberal Elites, both Democrats and Republicans, for the most part coddle this particular enemy.  [I'll illustrate below.]  In terms of a threat, this enemy makes Al Qaida look more akin to the Mafia than anything else.  [You have a better chance of being killed by lightning than by a terrorist; that's according to a statistical study done by someone...the source escapes me at the moment.]  In 2001, this enemy was allowed to join the Elitist, worldwide economic structure known as the WTO.  In the ten years following that event, 57,000 manufacturing facilities disappeared from the USA.  Literally millions of jobs were lost, along with tax revenues supporting a decent level of government services in cities and counties all over our country.

Yes, that's correct...the foreign enemy of which I speak is the totalitarian Gov't of Mainland China.  It's important to note that we're not talking about the Chinese people; they are victims of this most brutal regime.  With the possible exception of North Korea, Mainland China's Gov't is probably the most brutal on Earth.  In addition, because of the policies and actions of that regime, China is the most environmentally degraded country in existence.  Grossly polluted air, water, and soil are common throughout that land.

When Bill Clinton and the Republicans in Congress sold the idea of China being in the WTO to the American people, they claimed that not only would it create jobs in the USA, but that it also would democratize Mainland China.  We have had, and still have, a Trade policy regarding China that isn't only's just plain stupid.  If not, then it's nefarious.  It benefits transnational, mega corporations...and no one else.  It fits right in with the dominant political and economic philosophy of Neoliberalism.  [See other posts on this Blog.]  China's fourth largest Trading partner is not a's WalMart.

Mainland China uses weapons of mass job destruction against the USA... in particular, forced labor in many of their factories, child labor, State-subsidized exports, little to no expenditures for the protection of workers, no concern at all for economic "externalities" (such as environmental degradation, the prevention of which costs money), and manipulation of the value of their currency (the Yuan) to their distinct Trade advantage.  The result of all this is a huge China-USA Trade imbalance in favor of a brutal, totalitarian Gov't.  This is so-called "Free Trade" in action.  This is what is being promoted by the Elites in DC.

A number of experts in the documentary, Death by China (narrated by Martin Sheen), state that the best Jobs Program in the USA would be a total revision of our China Trade Policy.  It's common sense.  Our society is being destroyed by the current policy, by "Free Trade" in general, by Neoliberalism, and by both branches (Republican and Democrat) of the Mega Corporation Party...arguably the only major political party in the USA.  Other knowledgeable people in Death by China (which also is in book form) state that a society without a strong manufacturing base cannot sustain a viable Middle Class.  Without that, we're left with only the super-rich and the poor.

Small manufacturers cannot compete with the Big Boys anymore...because the Big Boys have moved out of the country to places where costs have been slashed to the bone.  Elites have made that possible, both Democrat and Republican Elites.  Our China Trade Policy is a perfect example.  We need Fair Trade with China, not "Free Trade".  By the way, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (should it be approved here) will make this whole scenario even worse.  Obama is pushing for the TPP with great enthusiasm...and is putting forth pretty much the same propaganda that Clinton and the Republicans did relative to China entering the WTO.

I know full well that sometimes it's extremely difficult to find a particular consumer good that is not made in China.  Nevertheless, the next time we're thinking about such a purchase, let's consider these facts---
1.  Many children in China work 12-hour days in factories.
2.  Prisoners (political and otherwise) make Chinese goods in various forced labor camps and prison manufacturing facilities.  No labor, no food.
3.  Mainland China now has "cancer villages", in which the soil is heavily contaminated with carcinogenic heavy metals...a result of no concern for "externalities".
4.  The organs of some political prisoners in China (as well as those of criminals) are harvested by Gov't doctors for sale on the Black Market in Shanghai.  There are confirmed reports that in some cases all the prisoner's organs are harvested...and then the body is cremated.
5.  Contaminated pet food from China has killed household pets here in the USA.
6.  Children's toys from China have been found to contain lead and other toxins.
7.  Various baby appliances/furniture from China have been found to be unsafe.
8.  If you attempt to organize workers at your workplace in China, you can be sent to prison.
9.  There are almost zero worker protections in Mainland China.
10.  China has been rapidly building up its military, with high-tech weapons.
11.  The Gov't of Mainland China definitely is not our friend, nor is it the friend of its own people.
12.  Not only are factories and jobs being shifted to China, so too is Research and Development, as well as intellectual property.
13.  Our China Trade Policy is responsible for the loss of millions of US jobs... thank you, DC Propagandists.
14.  The Gov't of Mainland China is a most brutal, totalitarian institution...and its Trade and manufacturing practices are illegal, immoral, and completely unfair.

Despite all the above, we Americans continue to buy goods Made in China.  Perhaps it's time to seriously re-think the matter.  Perhaps it's past time to hold Republican and Democrat policy-makers to account.  Perhaps it's time to boycott certain mega corporations.  [Most of them are headquartered in the USA, and have maybe 25,000 or more management-type employees (e.g., Apple Computer); unfortunately for our economy, though, they have hundreds of thousands of employees overseas.]

Sixty or so years ago, there was a much different Business Culture in this country.  The Elites in Business had concern for not only the present, but the future as well... the future of both the corporation and our society.  In recent times, the only concern appears to be for short-term profits...quarterly, not even yearly.  Many CEOs don't seem to plan to be around in the company for long...they're looking for that Golden Parachute in the short-term.  There appears to be very little concern for the future of either the corporation, its employees, or the American society.  This shabby attitude is masked by almost continuous propaganda of the Neoliberal variety... and we Americans have been, oh, so gullible.  I'm slightly encouraged by the observation that people seem to be awakening a bit from their slumber.

There is a better way, but first we have to stop drinking the Propaganda Kool Aid.

Partly just my opinion.  Be Well