Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Primary Elections

DC "outsiders" appear to have done well in the recent primary elections. I was especially pleased to see Arlen Specter defeated and Rand Paul (son of Texas Representative Ron Paul) victorious. It would appear that the "anti-incumbent" mood is producing results. Good news.

But is the news really all that great? The Democrat and/or Republican Parties have been in charge of our government for many, many decades. During that time, unalienable Rights have been encroached upon by our Fed Government, many jobs and a good deal of manufacturing have moved beyond our borders, our borders are not really secure, blood and treasure are expended overseas for questionable reasons, brave troops (who volunteered) are "stop-lossed" via a back-door draft, our money has been devalued to an incredible point, and China (as well as other countries) is calling for an end to the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Every so often in the last half century, I've seen "populist" movements of one sort or another arise on both the Republican and Democrat sides of the coin. In the long run, however, not much of significance ever came from them. Why? Many times I've heard, "If we can just get the right Democrats [or Republicans] in office, then things will get better."; but the situation rarely ever does get much better. Even when it does, it rarely lasts. Why?

It is long past time for us to recognize that both the Republicans and Democrats are either bought and paid for or controlled by non-elected, multi-national, mega corporations, including large banking interests. Why do I say that?...because well respected individuals throughout our history have said it: Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Barry Goldwater, Carroll Quigley, John Perkins, David Rockefeller [on the dark side], and others too numerous to list. I believe them. We have failed to heed the warnings of Thomas Jefferson and Dwight Eisenhower.

While the current anti-incumbent mood is a good thing, it would be much more useful if it extended to the ruling political Duopoly---the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. People keep saying, "But a third party doesn't stand a chance."; I'm sure that's true if people keep believing it, and repeating it, and resigning themselves to it. The Republicans and Democrats have had their chances to do better, but they have failed...and they have failed miserably. They are the incumbent Parties. Kick them out. Send a message to the Corporatocracy. Take back our government. That will not happen via Republicans and/or Democrats.