Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Outlaw Fed Government

Obama & Company, though a little better than BushCo when it comes to Liberty, are demonstrating that they really don't understand the Constitution...or, that they are ignoring it.

"National security" does NOT invalidate the Constitution...unless you're a DC Dope...or a Fascist...or some other kind of Totalitarian. "Extraordinary Rendition" (E.R.) is the illegal kidnapping of SUSPECTS, with zero regard for due process. Nowhere does the Constitution authorize the Fed Govt to engage in the kidnapping of noncombatants. Anyone who supports E.R. thereby supports a form of totalitarianism and an outlaw government. Like Bush, Obama & Crew support it. That's an outrageous affront to a free society. So much for the glowing words and the engaging smile of the campaign.

It is long past time to boycott our outlaw Fed Govt; unfortunately, that will never happen. Instead, we will continue down the path toward Totalitarianism, thinking all the way that "voting" is going to save us. Wake up, Amerika.

Just my opinion.