Monday, January 30, 2017

Blanket Bans on People Are Asinine

Never mind the fact that Article II, Section 2 enumerates ONLY TWO Executive Orders permitted under the United States Constitution.  The President may order Department Heads to submit reports on anything having to do with their respective departments, and may grant clemency/pardons to specified prisoners.  That's it.  No other Exec Orders are listed/described.  Put that aside...because We the People apparently have accepted the Fed Govt's analysis which states that other Orders are IMPLIED.  Some analysts have argued (to no avail) that the Constitution does not imply powers, but instead ENUMERATES them.  [We have, after all, a government of Enumerated Powers.]

So for decades & decades, we have allowed past & present Presidents essentially to issue decrees (like a King) that instead should be ideas for legislative bills submitted to Congress.  Never mind all that.  Trump isn't the only guilty party.
The USA's Soft Fascism is hardening rapidly under this new King & his Administration.  The recent blanket ban is proof of that.  Here are a few of the results:
1.  at JFK Airport, some moron kicked & punched a Muslim woman who was dressed according to her faith, and then said, "Trump is here now; he's going to get rid of all of you!";
2.  a PhD candidate at Stanford, who had been visiting abroad, was detained upon return to the Land of the Free because the country visited was one of the "areas where we've had trouble" (the quote is from an Administration spokesman);
3.  other students with Green Cards attending other universities had similar experiences;
4.  Iraqis who helped save the lives of American soldiers, and thus were targeted in their own land, were denied entrance as refugees to the USA at the airport... because of Trump's "Executive Order".

So much for "extreme vetting".  With this Order, apparently there is no vetting.  There's only a blanket ban.

Pluralistic societies/countries, if they were to use Trump's reasoning, should ban all Americans from entrance to their lands... because some Americans are violent racists.  That's the same flawed logic.

Trump already has demonstrated that he should be impeached.  Keep in mind, the Impeachment process begins merely with an investigation by the House.  It may end there.  It's the Senate that has to vote for conviction (removal from office)...2/3rds of Senators must so vote...if the House votes to proceed.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well