Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kudos to Trump, Plus the Repub v Dem Squabble

Kudos to Trump must be said.  Perhaps he finally recognized that our Gov't, whether for good reasons or sometimes bad reasons, has been threatening, sanctioning, and intimidating North Korea for many decades.  No wonder they pursued nuclear ICBMs.  Then, too, he probably also recognized the value of the Summit to the Repubs in the upcoming Mid-Term elections.  Lastly, I imagine he considered the value of it to his mythical reputation as a deal-maker.  While praising him, though, let's not disregard the crucial contribution of the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in.  He constructed the basis for the whole thing.

Except for Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren, & a very few others (all of whom have been marginalized by the DNC), the Corporatist Dems at the top of the heap---who falsely claim to be "Progressives" or "Moderates"---should all be praising Trump for the outcome of the Summit.  As a Congressional guest (Rep. Ro Khanna) on Democracy Now said today:  if the Summit had happened under Obama, the Democrats would be cheering.  [I'll bet little of that takes place.  Here's why.]---

The Corporatists in charge of the upper echelon of the Democratic Party must do everything they can to promote the illusion of a battle between the two major Parties.  That's been the game ever since Neoliberals and NeoConservatives have taken over both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  Those Parties now (& for some time) merely are branches of the only major Party in the USA, the Corporatist Party.  I'm not coining a term here; call it the Oligarch Party, or the Plutocrats, or the Shadow Gov't, or whatever.  The name doesn't matter, because after all, it doesn't officially exist.  It's highly likely that especially the young people of today think that the major Parties are the norm, that they've always been the way they are now.  That's simply not true.

The NeoCons and the NeoLibs both began their ascent in the 1970's... mostly on a theoretical level; in other words, they developed their philosophical underpinnings.  The differences between them are almost nil, and center around a few social Hot-Button issues (such as gun control).  They gained speed in the 1980's and really exploded onto the scene in the 1990's.  They are essentially the same on the crucial issues of the economy, finance, war, corporatism, and corporatist globalization.  They now control the Fed Gov't, and have for at least 25 years.

Trump hasn't changed that at all.  He's a faux "rebel", and nothing more than their puppet.  Perhaps he's unwitting in all this, but I doubt it.  Surely at least he knows that he owes the Mega Bankers big-time.  They bailed him out in the 1980's when his arrogance, incompetence, and ignorance relative to Big Business brought his "empire" to the brink of total collapse.  His recent banking deregulation gift to them is partial payback.

Bottom line:  good for Trump relative to Korea; nevertheless, he's still a Corporatist, not a Populist.  He still serves the Plutocrats.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Moyers, Black, Obama, Holder, Trump & Crew, and Mega Banks

All you need to watch is the 1st 11 minutes & 40 seconds to see how the Mega Banking "Cartel" (rather than people with sub-prime mortgages) was the cause of the last Financial/Economic Crisis, and how/why the failure of the Obama Admin to prosecute Mega BankERS (not Banks) has set up the next overdue, soon-to-be-here Crash.  [Trump & Crew most likely will not do the same thing that Obama & Holder did not do.]


Bill Moyers is well known...Bill Black not as much.  He's a brilliant academic in Law & Economics, as well as a former bank regulator.  After the Savings & Loan scandal of the 1980's, Black's team investigated & made about 1,000 criminal referrals to the Justice Dept.  All resulted in successful prosecutions of Bankers, rather than Banks (which are fictitious "persons" & only can be fined, not jailed).  Even fines in the billions of $$$ are considered merely a cost of doing Biz by the "Cartel".

It's all coming our way again.  This time, not only home mortgages, but also car loans & home rental receipts have been bundled up & then chopped up to create "securities" sold by Wall Street.  Plus, bizarre financial derivatives (bets on those securities, and bets on those bets, and bets on those bets, etc.) are back in the game with virtually no regulation.

Don't believe DC's propaganda that "everything is going great".  Everything is going pretty much where it went from 2007 through 2009.  Get ready...all it will take is one glitch, one Black Swan event, or one who-knows-what and the whole system again will be in chaos.  At least, the probability of that is extremely high.  Trump & Crew's deregulation blitz is making it all the more likely.  [I believe that in many areas of society, there are too many regulations; but in the case of the Financial Sector, there are too few.]

Not only my opinion.  Be Prepared