Friday, January 29, 2016

What is Donald Trump?

Below is my response to a forwarded email I received from a dear friend.  That email discussed why Trump resonated with some "average" people.  Among many other things, it said that he was a big middle finger to the political and media Establishment.
Trump certainly is a big middle finger to the political & media Establishment...maybe.  The problem is that most so-called "Conservatives" think that the Establishment is "Liberal" or even "Socialist".  Maybe years ago, but not now.  Now it's Corporatist...and Donald Trump is a Corporatist...through & through.  Just because he appears to be a rebel doesn't mean he is one.  Just because he now resonates with some common folk, doesn't mean he has their best interests at heart.  Examine his corporate record and see how he has treated common people.  It's easy to talk the talk.

Misunderstandings by so-called "Conservatives"---
1.  In 2008, a CORPORATIST was elected Pres., not a Marxist.  His record proves that.  Leftist Think Tanks are against him, self-admitted Socialists are against him, and most high-level Democrats (IF they aren't Corporatists, too) are against him... because they see his Corporatism.  For crying out loud, it's in plain sight.
2.  Trump is not a Populist either, he's a millionaire/billionaire Oligarch.  He will do all he can to enrich the Super-Rich, not help common people.  He would be a worse Pres. than Bush and Obama combined.  Both of them, because of their Corporatism, ruined our economy.  Bill Clinton (another Corporatist) paved the way.
3.  It isn't only Repubs or Conservatives who are fed up.  Everyone is fed up...with CORPORATISM, which is Soft Fascism, which is Neoliberalism... which is the Establishment for years & years now... at the very least, since 1992...some would say, since 1980.  [Some would say, ever since the early 1970's... or even earlier than that.]
4.  The old political labels are nothing but Propaganda nowadays.  Those on the "Right", and many or most on the "Left", just don't get that.  I find it all astounding.
It's in plain sight.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well