Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another Tool: Another "Notice"

For the Record: NOTICE to CEASE and DESIST

Demand for truth is made, of all parties or interests, for full disclosure.

From: scott c. haley


Regarding: ______________________________________ _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

__________________________, _________

Dear: ___________________________

This is actual notification that by and through this correspondence:

Your items are refused for cause without dishonor, and without recourse to me, and returned herewith because they are irregular, unauthorized, incomplete, and void process.

Your paperwork is incomplete and defective upon its face due to insufficient law.

All paperwork was received but not accepted.

That I, in my sovereign status possessing unalienable rights, have no contractual or other relationship with you that is in dishonor; therefore your vexatious harassment is a foreign private trespass.

Demand is made that you cease and desist. You are in dishonor.

So done by virtue of common law individual superior court, Skagit county, WA:

This ____ day of ___________, two-thousand seven. ____________________________,
_____________________________ ______________

scott c. haley
Expressly Reserving All Rights.


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