Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bernanke: Completely Wrong

Take careful note of the dates in this video clip, keeping in mind the culmination of the bursting bubble in late 2008.

Peter Schiff, an Austrian Economic School adherent, was laughed at by the Keynesians in the years prior to the recent financial crisis. Ben Bernanke, the Fed Reserve Chairman, was saying pretty much the opposite of what Schiff said. Recent history has shown that Bernanke was completely in error. So, why are we listening to him today? He has proven that he really doesn't know what he's talking about.

Schiff predicts that the next bubble to burst will be the dollar bubble. Bernanke has assured us: that won't happen. He's either ignorant... or lying.

Monday, January 4, 2010

What Happened to Our Republic?

If you truly care about the title question, then please do the following when you have time. Utilizing the "Search This Blog" function on the sidebar to the left, do a Search for each of the following:
legislative absolutism;
constitutional republic;
the new paradigm;
what happened to our country.

A number of past articles will turn up. Over the next few weeks or so, please review them; hopefully, you'll come to the conclusion that favoring one of the major political parties over the other is not the solution to the problem. The problem is way beyond that.

If one does a little digging, what happened to our Republic is fairly obvious. It's the solution to the problem that is the stickler. What is the solution? What can be done to restore the Republic? How can we have a free society? What price Freedom? I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I do know this for certain: those of us who believe in a Constitutional Republic and a free society are almost completely disorganized...and distracted. We appear to be divided up into a plethora of groups, each pursuing some small portion of a solution.

I've said this before: we need to get organized and focused. It seems to me that the first thing we require is a website that will draw all the various factions of the Liberty Movement to one place. At that place, I think it would be good to propose solutions (action items), discuss them at length, and then vote on each one. Once a course of action is identified (be it one item or several), we can then implement the action(s) in a timely and coordinated manner. If we don't do something along these lines, then we can be relatively certain of a steady march toward complete destruction of our Republic.

To those of you who believe that you are currently involved in what your particular group thinks is the proper solution to the problem, I would ask--- how can you possibly believe that? I've been a serious observer of American politics and the condition of our Republic for over half a century. The progression toward Statism, or Collectivism, or Totalitarianism, or whatever you wish to call it has been unrelenting during that time...and continues to this very day. It doesn't matter which political party is in control, the results are pretty much the same---less individual freedom, and more destruction of our Republic. It doesn't even matter much that, once in a blue moon, some faction of the Liberty Movement has a minor victory. Overall, the Republic continues to be destroyed.

What excuses will we give to our grandchildren? "I wasn't sure what to do." Or, "I tried, believe me. I worked hard for _________." Or, "It happened so gradually that we woke up too late." Or, "The majority didn't want a Republic anymore." Or, "Too many people were apathetic, and didn't even know the value of a Republic." Or, "Some of us tried to preserve Freedom, but it seemed so hopeless, what with the attitudes of most people." Or, blah-blah-blah.

None of that is good enough. Yes, we've tried. Yes, we've worked hard for this or that. But let's be brutally honest---we're losing the battle. A new approach is needed...something way beyond party politics, and something comprehensive. Don't give up.